The Power Of Plush!

Back around the glory days of comic book movies, around 2004-ish? After the enormous success of Spider-Man 2 you could find a brand new explosion of Marvel merchandise just about anywhere. While everyone including myself was a big fan of the Marvel Legends action figure line there was something else me and my friends seemed to go on the hunt for like a male cat looking for some lovin’…

Behold! Marvel Plush dolls! For those of you that have no clue what I’m talking about it’s like stuffed bears only a zillion times cooler. While I’m sure you could have found these online and bought them they were all around those “claw machines” in this area and me and my friends spend quarter after quarter rounding them up. As a matter of fact I have the whole first wave up stairs collecting dust as we speak. Sadly however I have none of the second wave that had Venom, Elektra, Daredevil, and Punisher *sad face*. But life goes on I suppose.

Heck even DC Comics got into the act and as much as it pains me to admit it there’s was a bit cooler because they actually had plastic heads on theirs…Well, most of theirs..sadly Wonder Woman here got the 100% plush job.

But did you know that you can have your plush love and your horror fix all at the same time? Oh you did?? Well hell I wish someone would have told me because I just NOW found this out. While I guess you could always figure the plush stuff would be around in the horror world I never knew a company called Cinema of Fear would be able to pull it off THIS well..

That’s series 2 of their deluxe line and it makes me want to make a withdraw from the bank just looking at it! I also with the power of Google search (man’s best friend) was able to come across some pics of a couple other cool horror plush dolls that may very well be by the same company I don’t really know..

I’m willing to bet enough searching and you could find just about anything in a plush form. I may be forced to dust off my comic book ones and add some horror ones to the collection. It’s really like a bad ass version of collecting Beanie Babies if you really think about it.