The Pros And Cons Of Horror Blogging

Now before I go into this I just want to say upfront I’m not bashing anyone here, it’s just my ideas and thought on a few things. I’ve noticed everyone else in the horror blog world seems to have gave their opinions on a number of different things that has been going on in our neck of the woods so I figured I’d take the time to toss in my two cents in as well, which if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you’ll know I don’t do that too often with anything.

So the first tale of this complicated tale of internet horror supremacy all begins at the start of a horror blog contest that Total Film had to which none of the contestants where really blogs! Imagine that huh? Being nominated for a blog contest and not even being a blog! I bet those guys sure felt silly huh??

Regardless the shots were fired throughout the horror community at the ignorance of Total Film for not even bothering to check with what really is and isn’t a blog and I think the point was made. How do we know this? Because it just so happens Total Film has now posted a little thing called 600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed! Well I don’t know about you folks but I think that’s a pretty good way to make things up to us. And if you are looking for us horror bloggers, we start on page 5! And we probably will gain just as much from this as any other blog contest running at the moment.

Now in the middle of said contest was none other than horror heavyweight Bloody Disgusting! Who were rather “appalled” by being in this contest (perhaps when they didn’t win it? I can’t tell you who even won) But none the less they took hits as well in the middle of it all for being in the contest when they were in fact not a real blog but a news site, and a major one. Bloody Disgusting to their credit did admit to not being a blog, but one would also be wise to wonder if they don’t wish to be in that group then why they (and a few others) who are not blogs are listed at Horror Blips with every other honest to goodness horror blog? Couldn’t one just un-register themselves from such a thing? After all, they aren’t a blog ya know?

Regardless in the middle of all the madness Bloody Disgusting then took it upon themselves to hold a real “honest to God” blog award! One to which virtually every horror blog under the sun could be nominated and thus give back. Now I greatly appreciate being allowed to simply appear on such a site’s post but unfortunately if you folks haven’t noticed when you see a page a mile long of blogs people probably still won’t see your blog because honestly who’s going to go down the list and check out each blog before they vote? Better hope your blog name is pretty damn catchy for this!

I truly wish there was some sorta committee out there that did nothing more than keep track of horror blogs and have fair and honest blog awards but I know that probably will never happen. I also won’t go as far as to say Bloody Disgusting came up with this whole idea just to get in our good graces and possibly help themselves (I’m still too busy trying to figure out if we really walked on the moon or not) but I will admit I don’t think the damn thing is as up and up as they’d like us all to believe..And I don’t feel they are even checking to see if it is.

At first glance of the current results things seem pretty good, most folks have 1% of the votes showing that honestly most blogs probably were voted for by the blog writer themselves and hand full of friends/family and/or fans/readers, that’s expected. What stands out like a sore thumb is in the lead with a pretty big 13% is Benevolent Street? Ever heard of them? Don’t worry, I haven’t either.

Now I HATE to say something is rotten folks but Benevolent Street is in the lead with 13%?? Really??? Have any of you here heard of that blog before now? If you guys can prove to me that this site is as popular in the world as such blogs as The Vault of Horror or Day of the Woman then I’ll happily remove my suspicions. I’m not flat out saying Bloody Disgusting is to blame but I’m just saying perhaps things are being done a little..shall we say..half assed? And no I’m not being a sore loser if that is what you are thinking either because I’ll be honest with you guys, I used my on vote on someone other than myself. I myself could care less if I win or not but some folks do and I just feel they deserve fair chance.

I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s been a lot of new Bloody Disgusting accounts being registered since the poll opened and that they are all signing up and voting for our pals Benevolent Street. Could be their Aunts, Uncles, and Grandmothers,…or it could be some sorta proxy and double accounts..I don’t know I’m just saying.

I had high hopes that this thing was going to be a pretty straight forward contest. I guess I was foolish to think it would be a lot more than just tossing up a long list of blogs and saying “vote”. Maybe part of me was thinking someone over at Bloody Disgusting would take time to actually..gee…I dunno..look at the blogs and possibly break the blogs down into different award categories? I guess perhaps I was just hoping for too much, because I don’t think this award now means half as much as we figured it would. But you know what? That’s OK!

If this contest has somehow helped you gain more views and got your blog new followers then kudos to you my friend. But I don’t see much coming from this, not now and not when it’s over. And let’s be honest with ourselves my friends, do we need some blog award in order to feel like we’ve really made it in this blog world? If you’re happy with what you do and want to keep on doing it, if you have any readers at all you’ve MADE IT.

Fact is gang, the heart and soul of horror isn’t even with sites like Bloody Disgusting or Dread Central and the reasons it isn’t need not be said. The heart and soul of horror is with all of US, not just one of us but ALL of us. Why else do you think these “big” sites bother signing up for such things as Horror Blips?

Now I hope I haven’t offended any of you, if I have then I’m’s just my opinion. I could be wrong..I highly doubt it…but you never really know.

With that being said, I hope you continue to read Zombies DON’T Run and I hope you guys don’t let something silly like an award ruin any of your fun you have with this stuff.