The Redsin Tower (2006)

And here we have ToeTag stepping away from the snuff stuff..

The Redsin Tower (2006)
Directed By: Fred Vogel

The Prologue
So as we stated before, ToeTag pictures is known for their simulated snuff films, August Underground, and their great gore effects. Now we all know last year they went for their most mature film yet in, Sella Turcica. But before that and before Maskhead, director, Fred Vogel, made a pretty fun filmed titled, The Redsin Tower. That being the film of course we are reviewing today, and I really didn’t know what to expect going in after seeing all three August Underground films, but I am happy to say it was a pretty fun watch for what it was. And if you want to look at something from these guys that isn’t AS extreme (yet still extreme) this film right here might be a good choice for you.

The Movie
So Kim just dumped poor Mitch, and wouldn’t you know it, Mitch isn’t taking this whole thing very well at all. And who can blame him? Especially if you’ve had a woman who “loves” you dump you out of the blue. To make matters worse, Kim’s friend wants Mitch gone and leads her to a party where sure enough there’s a jock-ish guy there all right and ready to take advantage of Kim. With Mitch losing his mind and taking things to a way too extreme extreme, the party gets canned and ends up being moved. But guess what? The party ends up at The Redsin Tower, a place with a wicked history of it’s own. As you can probably assume, it’ll be a hell of a night.

So we have a film by ToeTag that has a actual plot and it’s a kinda cool one. The film uses the issue of breaking up with someone, moves it to the extreme, and then flips the whole script later on. But in doing so it keeps to it’s roots by adding in all the normal stuff from these guys you’ve come to expect, like graphic gore that can be really really nasty and make the person watching a little sick. There’s also a cast of characters, that while all very hate-able, at least give you the promise of seeing them die in horrible ways and not caring since they all are as noted, very hate-able. If you aren’t going to give the crowd someone to  root for, at least make them WANT the cast to die.

Now the main fault of the film is some things do kinda drag on a little long. I think some scenes might benefit from a little re-edit. With us staying with some things a little longer than we need to, I think doing a little quicker scene jumps and cutting could have made it feel a little more exciting than it does at times. We also watch (or MOST of us anyway) a film like this for the gore and the gore delivers, it’s just a little too quick. It’s there and it’s gone in some key areas and that could either make or break a lot of things for you depending on if the gore IS that big of a deal to you or not. Speaking for myself, I’m a gore man. I love the stuff, so naturally I liked what I saw but wanted a tad bit more of it at times…What we get is still very well done however.

So you get Fred behind and in front of the camera. You got some gore and violence. You got a pretty cool plot. Oh, and you also get a little t and a. So it’s a film that would have fit in fine with the stuff of the 80’s. As a matter of fact, it screams 80’s horror. The ending may or may not leave you feeling a little let down, but it’s still a fun watch for what it is to spite being a bit slow and dragging in areas. So if you want some fun gore here you go. I think it’s better than most of you probably would assume.

The Conclusion
Well, I did not hate it at all. I think it was fun and when you add fun, boobies, and blood to the mix you can usually get a pass with me, even when the film has a few flaws. So I say if you’ve ever wanted to dip your big toe into some ToeTag films but don’t wish to dive into the deep end with the more hardcore stuff, that this may be the one you need to see.

The Rating (6.5/10)