The Times They Are A Changin'

We’ve all seen me speak before on here about video stores going out of business with the rise of Red Box and Netflix being the leaders in movie rentals and running away ahead of basic stores by such a wide range that it doesn’t even seem to matter to folks that renting at a lot of places means you can actually keep the movies up to a week…I guess the keeping them as long as you want motto from Netfix kinda trumps that doesn’t it?

I’ve not just seen mom and pop places go under I’ve seen such video stores as Blockbuster. Well add to the list not only the local Hollywood Video but now Movie Gallery (One of the last two left here) has went under as well. Now as you know going out of business for a Movie Gallery is a long process. They still have new stuff coming in and will for another week or so but what this means is they actually have to lower the price in order to get the stuff back out of the store almost as quick as it comes in. As I went in there just yesterday I noticed you can get NEW movies that just came out for the low price of renting for a little over 4 bucks or buying the brand new movie for $9.99. Making the deals even better older films were going from just over 4 bucks to 7 bucks and under these low prices where new films such as Cabin Fever 2 for just over 4 bucks and modern classics like Let The Right One In, which is hard to find in some places anyway, for just over 7.

What this all means is even in a very sad time, which seeing all the video stores shut down is a very sad thing to see, you can still find some good in it, which is being able to get great films for very low prices.

Will I go back to the store and try to take advantage of the store closing and the low prices? Yes. But does this make me feel any better about yet another store I use to spend a lot of time in closing? No, not at all.