The Virginity Hit (2010)

You have got to steal a suit to have sex with a stranger from the internet, kids.

The Virginity Hit (2010)
Directed By: Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland

The Prologue
Today we are going to talk about a movie that is about SEX! More importantly the first time someone has sex. And this film is a fake documentary that is called, The Virginity Hit. Now I understand I’m dealing with an audience of constant internet users here and that you yourselves may not have yet had sex or even know what it is. Basically, with sex, you put your wee wee (if you are a man) into the woman’s hoo-hoo (if you are a man that is into girls that is). Now that we are all up to date on that lets get up to date on this comedy film that had a limited release in 2010 but found it’s way out to DVD/blu ray in January of 2011. While the fickle folks over at IMDB might not seem to like this one too much, I’m here to tell you it’s a whole hell of a lot of fun.

The Movie
Soo all of Matt’s friends have had sex but him. Which he seems oddly cool with as we start the film. I mean after all, he IS in a relationship with a pretty hot girl, so why worry right? But you see, to this group of friends having sex for the first time isn’t just a big deal, it’s a REALLY REALLY big deal. They even bust out the bong in celebration (thus the title of the film). Zack, who is not only Matt’s best friend but technically his brother since his family adopted Matt, wants to celebrate Matt’s big moment in grand fashion. So he uses his trusty camera to record every thing leading up to Matt’s big night when he and his girlfriend, Nicole, are supposed to finally DO IT, after two years of being together. Sadly, that doesn’t go like everyone had hoped. This sets forth some massive events that I found pretty hilarious myself and I don’t even smoke dope!..Or have sex very often.

This “documentary/first person p.o.v.” style really helps add something new to The Virginity Hit that many films of that nature doesn’t have. I liked it here because there isn’t really any films besides horror films that tend to use this style and thus it was kinda new here. Also I enjoyed the fact the actors used their real names too. As a result you probably have a number of folks who have seen this film that believe it to be legit due to that fact alone. It’s also a pretty easy thing to believe since nobody really comes across as actors and come across as pretty straight forward and real. Dare I say this even makes people seem likable for the most part?

The movie’s flow however seems to be were we leave the reality world and head more into the movie realm as the obstacles that are put forth in front of Matt aren’t those you’d usually face. Or at least I don’t think they are however. Sure they are funny and do well to give us a laugh and make the movie entertaining. But if you are really having run-ins with pornstars and having hot women offer themselves to you on youtube, you apparently live a much more exciting life than I. Still, as all of this causes the film to lose any reality feel, it doesn’t take away the entertainment value of it as a whole.

If this film has any flaws I would say it’s the fact that there are times when things seem rather pointless. Some paths we only go down half way and never really get a satisfying resolution to. Some things just come across as pointless once everything has been done. That alone seems to be the movie’s only real fault, well, besides the fact I could see where others might not like the characters as much as other. They could be an acquired taste to some. I liked them, so that’s another reason I dug the film. Moving on to other things with the film,  I also have read that much of the film’s dialogue was improvised, which isn’t a bad thing at all since that method works here and some things that are said are actually funny. There were some real laugh out loud moments in this film overall actually and since it IS a comedy I think that equals a win for The Virginity Hit.

The Conclusion
Who knew that getting your cherry popped could be soo fun!? The movie captures the fun, excitement, nervousness, and awkwardness of virginity and the act of losing it very well. It has some parts that you want to see visited a little more than the film actually gives us and the characters were likable to me, but they won’t be likable to everyone. Besides that we must give props to everyone involved for a very creative and funny little film that I think will grow a nice little following over time and rightfully so.

The Rating (7/10)