Things I Dislike In Horror

Everyone who loves horror has a list of things I’m sure they’d wish to never see again in a film they are watching. That is what this is going to be, my small list of things that have happened way too many times in horror films that I hope I never see happen again..Sadly however, I know that they will.

So beware I may spoil a few films in order to make my point.

It was all a dream
Oh the ol’ reliable to many a films from back in the day like The Last Slumber Party! Everything you just watched doesn’t really matter over all because it wasn’t “real”. This is by far one of the biggest cop outs you’ll find in film, and it’s only surpassed by next pet peeve with horror.

Wait..Wait..Wait..that never happened..We swear.
This is called the switch-a-roo! Or do over, which ever you want to call it I think it sucks. What happens is either a franchise writes it’s self in a corner and it results in either the next film picking up where the last one left off only to change what happens to suit them or they full the old run into the ground franchise trick of acting like certain sequels never even happened. If I sit through a whole film at least a director can do is keep what I saw cannon for better or worse.

Haven’t I seen these people before?For many movies the killer and character names may be different but the type is all the same. How many movies have we all seen with “The Jock”, “The Whore”, “The Nerd”. “The Nice Final Girl”, “The Nice Guy”, “The Stoner”, “The Black Guy”, “The Joker” and “The Final Girl’s Best Friend”. That’s pretty much every horror film from the 80’s and 90’s cast right there. Sure at times you’ll get character combos like “The Best Friend Whore” or the “Black Stoner” (Which is horribly stereotyped if you think about it) but the end results are all the same. Now days this has slacked off just a bit but not enough for me to not bitch about it. Just give me normal people and I’ll be happy, don’t give them a gimmick all the time.

Everybody DIES!!
Now I’ll be the first to admit that you shouldn’t always have happy ending. At times it was hard not to find a happy ending in horror but then slowly but surely the not so happy endings started. My first memory of this was probably in Madman Mars which shocked the hell out of me. But now days it’s the opposite because it’s getting harder to even find a happy ending as everyone wants the gloomy one. How about we keep a nice random mix??

It was myself all along
Oh man..this one use to be cool, until everybody started doing it. You know what I mean right? We follow someone along for a entire movie as bad things happen around them only to find out at the end that the person killing was all in the main character’s head and that they had been doing these awful things the whole time! Did this start in Asian movies or did it start with Fight Club? I’m really not sure but it’s done way too much now days from High Tension to The Uninvited. These days everyone wants to have a twist and more times than not this is what they go with.

“Hey, lets do something SHOCKING!” aka I got a bad idea
I’ve talked about this before and I shall keep on talking about until Scream 4 comes out and Sidney doesn’t get killed off. What happens is someone gets the big idea to “shock” us by having someone who shouldn’t be killed off in a film get killed off. Didn’t this sorta thing pretty much destroy Halloween Resurrection?  I think everyone’s interest died along with Laurie in the first part of that film. You may not agree but I think some people in franchises are just as important as the killer in the film. Laurie should have been untouchable and Sidney in the Scream franchise should be as well. If you want to really shock us keep a franchise going and keep it interesting, killing off beloved characters doesn’t accomplish that.

So with all this said, what are some things in horror movies you don’t like?