Thunder!!! Thunder!!! Thunder!!..Well, you know the rest. If you were a kid in the 80’s those words rank right up there with “Gooo Joooooe!” and “I have the pooooower!!!”. As a matter of fact Thundercats was among my favorite cartoons in the 80’s along side those already mentioned.

As it turns out Thundercats hit the TV in 1985 when I was at the rip ol’ age of two. Naturally I was older before I actually remembered watching the show, not that I didn’t have all the time in the world to watch it because it ran from 1985 to 1990 originally. It was then picked up as the lead in to Cartoon Networks Action block and may very well still be shown today. As with most classics from the 80’s new versions of it I’m sure are around and we can’t forget about the live action movie in the works.

And as I’m sure you could guess already, I was a big fan of the Thundercats action figures and probably would have had a lot more of them than I actually ended up with had it not been for the fact they were in completion for my folks’ money along side Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, and the LJN line of WWF action figures, who also made the Thundercats toys. If you need your memory refreshed here’s a look at the original line.

So while I had a few of these the main one I wanted and the only one I actually still own is none other than this man..or um..alien cat?

That my friends is Lion-O! The Lord of the Cats! Or the top cat I suppose you could say. I wish I could say his skin color is unique but I actually have a friend who has such a spray on tan that he looks very much like Lion-O and in my humble opinion would have been perfect for the role in the movie.

Now like the Masters of the Universe line, Thundercats got a remake on their toyline and as you can tell they did look awesome but one tends to be fondest of the classics.

Heck, I even own a Thundercats T-shirt to this very day! They just don’t have cool stuff like this these days.