Top 10 Horror Movies Of The 80’s

Well the votes have all been counted! The usual Top 10 Lists Point System has been added and we set here today with the Top 10 Horror Movies Of The 80’ voted by YOU! As usual I have gotten the help from some other great horror bloggers in the world and now without anymore delay here is the list you fine folks have came up with!

10. Evil Dead II (1987)
For Evil Dead II we went back into the woods were this time our hero Ash is more like a hero and the comedy and slapstick is being unleashed to our viewing pleasure! Was is a remake? Was it a sequel? Does it really matter?? What does matter is this got the ball rolling for what Army of Darkness would be. Many of what people love about Army of Darkness started here as Sam Raimi blended in horror and comedy to near perfection.

09. Day of the Dead (1985)
In what is probably the most depressing film in the Romero Zombie series we are treated to a tale of what it’s like for one small group of solders and scientist as they are stuck together during the Zombie uprising. At this point and time it’s clear the dead have pretty much taking over everything but still the biggest danger to humans seem to be themselves. We also are treated to what many believe to be Tom Savini’s best work in the gore department.

08. The Thing (1982)
John Carpenter’s first entry in his Apocalypse Trilogy, 1982’s “The Thing,” was the movie everyone in my high school raved about with hushed whispers.  To see it was to be cool, so of course I didn’t see it until 1984, when my family finally got a VCR.  I had never seen gore like that before:  unwavering, in your face, and over the top.  But besides the gore, there’s a great story that’s part sci-fi, part horror, and part murder mystery.  Well, we of course know who the killer is, but imagine being placed in those claustrophobic conditions and not being able to trust your fellow man.  Even on the best days, those conditions can cause madness and cabin fever.  So the gore was definitely the draw, but once there, it was the tension and the story that kept me there.  Oh, and say hello to a badass Kurt Russell, who we’d see again in badass glory in future Carpenter films.
( Dod March

07. Friday the 13th (1980)
Employing some of the same elements as its sub-genre defining predecessor Black Christmas (first person point of view, keeping the killer shrouded in mystery, etc.), Friday the 13th wratchets up the suspense factor to 11, raising the overall body counts in the process. Not too mention, the ending was altogether shocking, one in which, nobody saw coming. Truly the cream of the crop when discussing the best that the slasher sub-genre has to offer.
( Cortez the Killer

06. Poltergeist (1982)
Whats even more creepy about this film than the classic line “They’re here” is the fact that nearly half a dozen of the people who were in this movie have since died, and mostly from very horrible things. Was this movie cursed? Well that’s another topic for another day but what we do know for sure is that this film was by all accounts a classic. I watched it as a kid and it freaked me out! The whole idea of another side trying to come over to the living side was enough to make my skin crawl then and it’s enough to make it crawl even now.

05. An American Werewolf in London (1981)
Beware The Moon..When I first saw American Werewolf in London I was about 7 or so. I think it was the first movie to actually make me shake from being so scared. You know the scene I’m talking about, where the monster soldiers come into David’s house and shoot up his whole family and cut his neck open. I had never seen anything so violent before. Watching it now I love all the humor in it and of course the make-up effects are spectacular. All the music being upbeat and referring to the moon is great. I have yet to watch the documentary “Beware the Moon” but I really look forward to watching it.
( Maryanne )

04. The Evil Dead (1981)
Some folks out there have forgotten that while Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness were just as much funny as they were scary, The Evil Dead was a none stop horror-fest that was loaded with gore and an over all dirty feel. Our hero Ash isn’t even in his kick ass form here as he watches friend after friend be converted to the evil in the woods and thus being forced to take them apart himself piece by piece! When I was a kid I couldn’t make it through the whole thing but now it stands as one of my all time favorites!

03. The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
In 2009 we lost director Dan O’Bannon but one thing is for sure and that’s the film The Return of the Living Dead will keep the man alive forever. The movie that made it cool for Zombies to eat brains broke all the “rules” when it comes to Zombies and even made a few of it’s own. Zombies ran, and a shot to the head just wasn’t enough, now to many this might seem just crazy for a Zombie flick but when you add in the comedy you got a pure classic that I can watch again and again and never get tired of.

02. The Shining (1980)
By balancing supernatural terrors and everyday fears (alcoholism and domestic abuse are primary examples), Stanley Kubrick manages to leave out some key parts of Stephen King’s The Shining and still gives us one of the most fascinating horror films of the decade.  Plus, Jack Nicholson’s unhinged performance is a thing of chilling beauty.  Heeeere’s Johnny!
( The Mike )

01. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
When it comes to this movie where the now iconic killer Freddy Krueger hunts down kids and kills them in their dreams, and when you think of the impact it’s had on everyone I don’t think there’s any question as to why all of you voted this to be THE best movie of the 80’s. The classic performance of Robert Englund combined with the look of Freddy (and don’t forget the claws) are the things legends are made of and that’s just what this film by Wes Craven did. In the original Freddy wasn’t very funny as he chases around Nancey and that’s what stands out to me now. Most people recall Freddy being all one liners and such, not I. I recall when Freddy was a not so funny evil SOB and I think going by the results of all the votes I got for this contest the rest of you do to.