Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies of All-Time

Here it is folks, the Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies of All-Time as voted on by all of YOU. And what better way is there to use the 100th post on this site than a list like this? I’ll admit I was shocked at some of the results. While movies such as A Clockwork Orange, SAW, and even the Asian Guinea Pig series all got considerable amounts of votes they were all beat out. Some films I’ve seen and reviewed, others I have yet to see but for those I’ve gotten some help from other notable horror bloggers. So kick back, relax, and maybe even grab yourself a barf bag because here we have the Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies of All-Time

10:  Salò, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (1975)
The purpose of a disturbing film is not always something easily determined. For the most part these disturbing films do have a message- the only catch is- sometimes you have to watch them more than once to truly understand it.  After one viewing of Salo however, I promptly decided that I would pass on getting that enlightenment, because I’d much rather gouge my eyes out then have to sit through that again. The big question is which is more disturbing; Cannibal Holocaust or Salo? And to that I usually answer- would you rather watch people eating poop, or someone getting raped by a sharp rock? Tough call eh? Salo, to put it lightly- is a disgusting film that exploits the abuse of the higher class. Rich people, leaders etc kidnap several youths during the reign of Nazi Germany and subject them to disturbing acts of sexual abuse, and physical torment and pain. The most memorable of these being when the lead man takes a lovely dump on the floor and hands one of the girl’s a spoon- forcing her to eat his steaming turd. There’s also an extremely violent and close up shot of eye gouging, the cutting off of a tongue and a castration- not to mention numerous scenes of boys and girls being humiliated, naked, fondled and sometimes peed on, on a consistent basis. One of the most striking images however is at the end- two boys who were guards and witnessed everything that had happened- strike up a spontaneous waltz while the boys and girls are brutally killed outside. An interesting commentary on the desensitization of the youth and the ignorance of violence and brutality during World War II. Look at that- I did learn an important message after all! Final verdict- don’t attempt this if you have a weak stomach.
(Andre Dumas, The Horror Digest)

09: Hostel (2005)
What can possibly be worse than capturing someone and then torturing them to death?? Having bidding wars over just who gets to torture who! In the original Hostel two unlucky American men and their pal they find along the way take a trip across Europe, however things take a very sinister twist once they decide to stay in a Hostel located in Slovakia. Let it be a lesson that if things seem too good to be true they probably are! what follows next is very much blood soaked and sick. Eyes are pulled out, people are drilled, and it’s all done for the sake of violence! It can really get to you at times, and it got to just enough people to make this list.

08: Requiem For A Dream (2000)
Let this movie prove that you don’t have to be a horror movie to be deeply disturbing. absent in this film is slashers and cannibals, but what you do get is the all too real story of people with drug problems. What we watch isn’t anyone being chopped to not at all..instead what we watch is just how bad a drug problem can be for not only the person who is on the drug, but the effects it has on those who love them. So if you ever want to take a trip into the deep dark world of drugs and pills then by all means pop in Requiem for a Dream but prepare yourself for the gloom and depressing feeling you’ll get from seeing it.

07: Visitor Q (2001)
When you think of twisted films from Japan two words always come to mind…Takashi Miike! Known for such work as Ichi The Killer and Audition, it’s Miike’s trip into the world of a  father, who is a failed former television reporter tries to mount a documentary about violence and sex among youths that hits you like a bat when you see it. What we get is all too real for comfort and nearly too shocking to put into words. Made with the style to which you feel your actually watching old home movies Visitor Q unloads stuff upon the viewer that even people who are use to Miike’s work will find shocking.

06: Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986)
Trying to figure out whats the most disturbing part of “Henry” is a bit hard to do. Is it the violence we see on screen? Or is it the fact that what we are watching is based on true events? Rape and torture isn’t a fun thing to watch regardless but when it happens during a home invasion in-front of someone’s whole family it takes it up to a new level that this movie almost can’t recover from. If you’ve not see Henry and you wish to, you need to be warned well before hand that the things you see may end up being burned on your mind for years to come.

05: Martyrs (2008)
A young woman who escaped the confines of an abandoned wherehouse years ago, tracks down her captors and violently exacts revenge. Along with her best friend who assists her in covering up her tracks, both are completely unaware of the secret that lies in the house of her former captors. Altogether violent and shocking, with a come out of nowhere 180 shift in both tone and plot direction, Martyrs is one of the most shocking horror films that I’ve seen in years. It will stay with you days after watching it.
(James, Planet of Terror)

04: Inside (2007)
This film takes a very primal maternal fear–having your baby literally stolen from your womb–and turns it into what may be the single most disturbing horror movie I’ve ever seen. The crimson flows freely as cinema’s most determined female slasher dispatches victim after victim on the way to her ultimate in utero target. As I wrote in my own review of the film, this one truly tests the boundaries of what I’d even consider entertainment–but there’s no denying it’s raw, gut-wrenching power.
(B-Sol, The Vault of Horror)

03: The Last House On The Left (1972)
In real life if you get yourself caught up in a room full of psychos you probably won’t make it out alive, and even worse you probably won’t die quickly either. The horror that would probably come to you is just what happens to the two young girls in the original Last House On The left. It’s violent, it’s sick, and it’s got enough to go on to keep you watching even if you don’t watch it again after. As I’ve said before keep a copy of this handy and be sure to show it to your kids once they are old enough to start running around town unsupervised.

02: I Spit On Your Grave (Day of the Woman) (1978)
With its graphic exploitation of rape and murder in some of the most gruesome ways possible, I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day of the Woman) is one of the most disturbing films someone could sit through.  The film includes, but is not limited to, a 26 minute rape scene, a VERY graphic skull rape, the seduction and hanging of a mentally handicapped man, one of the best penile removal scenes to date, death by a speed boat, and I should save the rest for your viewing pleasure.  What makes the film so disturbing isn’t what is included, but rather HOW they included it.  This film feels all too real and truly shows the ugly side to humanity.
(BJ-C, Day of the Woman)

01: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
And here it is folks, THE Most Disturbing Movie of All-Time! Coming in at #1 on more than 3/4 of the lists I received..and with good reason. Animals REALLY die, people die in such a fashion that people thought at the time the film came out that they were really killed. Women get raped with rocks and have babies stolen right from inside of them! If it sounds all too horrific to even comprehend then you should try setting through it while it’s all going on. If you can watch the turtle in this movie be literally torn apart bit by bit without feeling the slightest bit sick then you are far more of a man that I am. It’s the things like that that has made Cannibal Holocaust the most infamous movie in the world…and the most disturbing movie of all-time here.