Truth Or Dare?: The Madness of Tracking It Down On DVD!

OK, so how many of you out there have heard or even saw the film, Truth Or Dare? A Critical Madness. Because sadly I haven’t and it kinda annoys me. See this film came out in the year 1986, it has not one but TWO sequels and I’ve heard soo much about it from people who have seen it I’ve just wanted nothing more than to check it out..but there’s just a small problem..the DVD is out of print!

This is a problem because A) I’ve never been the type of guy to download films, even if it’s a film I really want to see and have no other real way of seeing it. B) Any copies of the actual DVD will now have a very hefty price tag attached to them due to the fact that’s out of print! And who wants to fork over about 50 bucks for a movie??..Not me.. And C) This leaves a zillion people trying to sell DVD-R versions of the film online, most being crappy rips of the VHS and to me that just doesn’t seem classy enough. I want a honest to God, uncut version of this film on DVD!

Now will they ever actually make one?? I don’t know but just five minutes ago I sent an e-mail to Grindhouse Releasing asking if they have ever considered getting the rights to this film for a DVD. It would be great if they had because you’d get it for sure uncut and you’d also get a great DVD package all together of the film. Now is this just wishful thinking on my part? You bet, but it never hurts to at least ask right?