Ultimate Death Match III (2011)

Waaaaaay better than the others.

Ultimate Death Match III (2011)
Directed By: Shawn Cain

The Prologue
By way of Cheezy Flick with help of MVD the world is blessed by yet another Ultimate Death Match film with, Ultimate Death Match III! And while I will admit that the idea of another one of these darn things made my hair stand up and made my eyes roll, I gotta admit..it wasn’t that bad. Wait..did I just say an Ultimate Death Match movie wasn’t that bad? I think I just did and I am very shocked too, So after the last one got a 2 out of 10, how could this one give us anything that shows promise? Well, it’s by no means perfect but there was some promise shown. And dare I say, I think Shawn Cain is getting better at movie making.

The Movie

Jake, the man behind the Ultimate Death Match wrestling gimmick, is still on the run. He’s the most wanted man in American and yet he still is holding another UMD in the belly of the underground. And to make things more interesting, this time around the names in the tournament keep getting bigger! Shane Douglas, Frosty (Al Snow), Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Dawn Marie, Ricky Morton, Chris Parks (Abyss), Dawn Marie, Raven and even Kevin Nash is around to make things more interesting for the third film in this series. And what helps this UMD out in my eyes? It comes across as less of a wrestling event and more of a movie.

While I think the editing is still pretty bad in this UMD movie (wrestlers can’t seem to remember to call each other by their movie names and not real copyrighted names), the movie this time takes a dramatic turn towards the better. While other UMD movies seem like a low rent indie wrestling DVD, this one seems like a legit movie for the most part. Better than that, they build this one up to look like a wrestling version of Mortal Kombat with several wrestlers having underlining plots. Legendary wrestler Ricky Morton (one half of The Rock-n-Roll Express) is here to take revenge on his friend’s behalf from the last UMD. Shane Douglas is here to redeem himself from losing during the first round of the last UMD. And to make that even better we have wrestling greats Larry Zbyszko and  “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase joining him on his journey for two different reasons.

You also have Kevin Nash involved in a subplot that almost resembles a mob movie and it’s always great to see Big Kev in a film. If anything I wish we had seen even more of that and less of the wrestling. The thing is these movies are made for wrestling fans. They give you a wrestling show mixed with a little bit of a plot. This time around there was more plot and I liked that a lot because the stories were actually somewhat interesting. But even with me being one of the biggest wrestling fans you can find, I do wish the matches had been clipped, skimmed over, or just made shorter. I love the idea of seeing Tommy Dreamer take on Shane Douglas again as anyone. But in a movie, I want more movie and less actual wrestling. So doing that would only help any other UMD movies that might come along.

So once again I can say if you like wrestling and want a lot of wrestling then this movie will be good for you. If you want a little more story you get that this time and when you get it it’s pretty damn good, I just wish we had gotten a lot more of it. While it’s still by no means “great”, I will admit (and happily admit) this is THE best UMD to come along yet. I think the director Shawn Cain has continued to improve from each film to the next and this time around he does a pretty good job that even shocks me. Still not great, but much more watchable.

The Conclusion
By far the best in the Ultimate Death Match series. You might not call it good, but it’s at least a very good improvement from the first two. If you want to see this, and I believe a few of you might actually want to, then click on over to THIS LINK HERE and pickup a copy of Ultimate Death Match III.

The Rating (5/10)