Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Look out, Blackula! There’s a new urban Vampire in town!

Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
Directed By: Wes Craven (Scream)

The Prologue
You may recall me saying that after watching The People Under The Stairs that I had felt that Wes Craven might had lost a step in his film making? Well let me introduce you to Vampire In Brooklyn! Ladies and gentlemen this comedic horror film is other wise known as the bottom for Wes and star Eddie Murphy. While not the worst you could find it was a major let down considering who was in it. While both would once again rise to top after their next projects (Wes’ Scream and Eddie’s The Nutty Professor) this vampire flick still pops up every now and again today..So why not review it?

The Movie
The very funny Eddie Murphy is Vampire Maximillian the last vampire living from a Caribbean Island, and as a vampire, he must find a mate to keep the line from ending. This leads him to Brooklyn of all places where he tracks down Policemen Rita who’s father was a Vampire, but she doesn’t know that. Can Rita resist Max? Can her partner Justice save her? Well I’m making you bastards watch to find out!

One problem with the film is that it never really seems to know what it wants to be. One minute making Max almost seem funny and likable and the next having him be a cold blooded killer. As word has it Wes Craven actually wanted to make a comedy with Eddie while Eddie was wanting a full on horror flick. That conflicting direction comes through as you watch. While some of it was funny, I think they’d have been best to have dropped some of the overly comedic stuff and went full on with a little more horror. Also the gore when you see it comes across rather lame, which doesn’t help matters.

That being said I do think Eddie Murphy does a great job. In typical Eddie fashion he plays more than one role and he knocks it out of the park while doing so. It’s such a shame everything else just seems to be kinda lame around him. I know he at times gets a lot of crap but I think Eddie Murphy is really funny and a great actor. His performance of the Vampire Max is very spot on and the character comes across very smooth like he should.

I also was highly annoyed by our “good guys” in this flick, from Rita (Angela Bassett) to her partner Justice. They just are not really likable at all and you’ll probably find yourself rooting for Max. Of course Max runs around with his right hand, Julius (Kadeem Hardison) and his uncle Silas (John Witherspoon) and how could you root against a comedic team like that in any situation??

I guess to sum it all up I’d say Vampire in Brooklyn is good for the performance of Eddie Murphy and a laugh here and there but not much else. It’s not scary and the gore kinda sucks, for lack of a better word. You’ll cheer for the vampire and root against the protagonist and you may even get a bit bored from time to time while doing so. The movie just never really gets a flow started and it really shows and it really hurts the film overall.

The Conclusion
When you hit the bottom you got nowhere else to go but up and thankfully both Wes and Eddie went up after this! Wes would go on to make what might very well be THE horror film of the 90’s with Scream. I guess after seeing this Wes Craven new things just had to change.

But as for this film, it’s good for a rent but that’s it.

The Rating (5.5/10)