Vampire Journals (1997)

And now for a nice change of pace..

Vampire Journals (1997)
Directed By: Ted Nicolaou (Subspecies)

The Prologue
Following three Subspecies films, director Ted Nicolaou, made what would be billed as a spin-off to that franchise in, Vampire Journals. At the time and even now after having seen the first three Subspecies films, this movie was a nice change of the norm from what you had came to expect from a Full Moon vampire movie. The story isn’t about a Bloodstone and it isn’t about Radu or Michelle. It’s a lot different and in this case different was a lot better. I half way enjoyed this film and perhaps if you just set aside away from Subspecies you could enjoy it even more.

The Movie
This vampire story takes on a more Gothic feel and vibe as we follow along with Zachary who to spite being a vampire still has the feelings of a human. In this film he is on a mission to end the evil vampire named Ash the music lover (who just so happens to be a spawn of Radu, but Radu isn’t here). As this progresses Ash stalks and attempts to turn a piano player named, Sofia. Can Zachary save Sofia and kill Ash? Well, it’s a much more interesting story than I figured it would be, I can at least give it credit for that. So kudos to you Full Moon. You can think outside your own box with vampires.

One thing I find pretty amusing about this one is how the vampires can walk around at night with very VERY pale skin and fang-ish teeth and nobody notices this until it’s too late. As goofy as this fact is, you just have to assume everyone here is an idiot and it helps you enjoy what you see that much more. It’s got a dark and brooding vibe to it. And that also helps makeup for some of the shortcomings and logic holes the film has. So all you Gothic/Emo types should probably enjoy it greatly.

Ash is by no means a Dracula, or even a Radu, if you are keeping score at home. But he’s OK in his own way. He’s a little creepy and his hair is dumb but you get what you pay for with these things. Zachery isn’t much better. I might go as far as to call Zachery THE worst heroic vampire I have ever seen in these types of movies. He’s way too easy going and can easily be tricked by Ash. He seems to also be a sucker for women which helps him none in this plot. However the overall vibe just comes across as fun regardless and it makes it watchable.

Now while it’s no means a bloodbath, there is some pretty cool gore and effects as we reach the climax of this film. A climax that serves it’s purpose to spite being a little underwhelming. Full Moon never did seem to give us the best endings. They also seem to be just going for a sequel and in that way this one comes off a little open-ended. But as you know we never got a direct sequel to this, we just got Subspecies 4. And if you are waiting for comparison I’d have to say it’s about even with Subspecies 2 and better than 1 or 3. I’d actually give this one a mild recommendation and suggest checking it out on Netflix.

The Conclusion
Better than I figured it would be. You get some pretty graphic kills (for it’s time and budget), and when you look away from the silliness it’s not too horrible. It seems like Full Moon has always been hit and miss. This is probably one of the better ones truth be told. So feel free to actually check this one out.

The Rating (6/10)