Wax-Eye Cereal Killers Trading Cards: The BEST Cards EVER?

We’ve talked about Topps Fright Flicks cards on here before. And while those cards are legendary. And those cards are classics that we will always love. I have now found a new horror card that horror fans won’t just love, they’ll love even more than Fright Flicks. These cards come from the fine folks over at Wax-Eye and are Cereal Killers trading cards. And I am ready to go ahead and proclaime these to be THE BEST horror cards ever made…EVER!

We’ve all bought the variety packs of cereals before. What Cereal Killers cards does is it takes that concept and raises it by having each tiny box contain cards with horror takes of your favorite cereal.  And when you order a box of these you get three mini cereal boxes with 20 cards in each cereal box (60 total in all). And you also get the chance to snatch up some pretty snazzy inserts with blacklight stickers, magnets, gold foil cards, temp tattoos, and the very awesome randomly inserted one of a kind sketches.

These cards mix what we all loved about cards as kids with a whole new modern twist. There are 55 cards total in the whole set and I have no question in my mind that once a fan of cards, horror, or both get their hands on these bad boys they won’t be happy until they have the whole set.

And with such cards as “Halloweeties”, “Children of the Corn Flakes”, and “Fiber the 13th” who could blame them? I’m not at all being over dramatic or kissing anyone’s butt when I tell you these are the BEST horror cards I have ever seen.

So click NOW do NOT delay and get yourself on over to Wax-Eye and pick up as many boxes of these things as you can because I feel these things will be very sought after very very soon.