What Is The Most Disturbing Movie YOU Have Ever Seen?

This week I’m wanting to start the first of what I hope to be many interactive posts here at Zombies DON’T Run. I’m well aware that many of you (if not all of you) have just as much knowledge to the horror genre if not more than I do and I want to put that knowledge to use.

If you read this blog I’m betting you have seen some rather disturbing films. So what I need you all to do is take the time, make a list of the TOP 10 MOST DISTURBING movies you have ever seen, and I want you to then please e-mail your list to me at crystallakecamper001@gmail.com

I will run this for a week (ending next Monday), giving points to the films based on how they rank. (10 points for being #1, 9 points for being #2 and so on and so forth) and then once all has been received and added up I will then post The Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made, as according to YOU..the readers.  If a movie is ranked that I actually haven’t seen yet I may even call upon you to do a small write up for that film as well.

So my friends, lets get started on that list shall we?