What to be for Halloween?

With Halloween getting closer and closer are you still having trouble deciding what you want to be?? We’ll perhaps I can give you a few idea as well as show you some classic horror tunes to get you jamming for the weekend~!

Well with Halloween being a rather epic event for most and it being a once in a year deal at that most seem to really try to think long and hard about what they want to be each year. And it’s important to be something different and something rather unique because lets be honest..there’s already going to be too many damn Vampires and Pirates out there.

One idea a few folks I’ve talked to have had is to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Alice is always a cool look for the right person going for that look. But I’ve been thinking as of late, why not go for the version of Alice from the American McGee video game “Alice”?

EMO is still in right?? Tell me this couldn’t be the right look for some girl looking to be something a little different??

Now these days everyone seems to be a little low on the cash flow. So say you are someone who is into the classics when it comes to horror. I mean with guys Freddy, Jason, and Michael are all good ideas if you just want to pick up the mask and have the rest of the stuff laying around the house. Freddy is going to cost a bit more cause you’ll need a glove and I also bet you don’t have a stripped shirt like that around either right? So why not get a little retro and be Duane from Basket Case!?? I mean all you really need is a basket! See what I mean here??

Simple huh? But be warned this is a cult movie so most folks won’t know what the hell your doing BUT to some folks, you will be THE man!

And finally as far as what to be goes, what’s the simplest and yet possibly coolest thing you could be? Well no matter if you are a man or woman you could always toss on some old cloths, paint for face a color of blue or green, possibly add a little blood here and there and TADAA! just like that you look like you walked off the set of Dawn of the Dead!

Remember..just walk slow, no running..Well unless your going to shout for brains as you do it. Then and only then is running ok.

Now for your listening pleasure….

Alice Cooper “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)”

The song from my personal favorite entry into the Friday the 13th franchise…sooo 80’s sooo corny, yet soooo good.

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & The Cryptkickers “Monster Mash”

How can you have Halloween without listening to this at least once??

Ray Stevens “Sittin’ Up With The Dead”

Last but not least this classic from Ray Stevens, tell me you don’t get a kick out of this? Use to creep me out in a cool way when I was a kid.