Who Loves General Mills Monster Themed Cereals??

Do you like horror?? Do you like food?? Do you like to eat?? Do you like Breakfast?? More so than that tell me, do you like to eat horror themed food for breakfast?? Well if so I’m willing to bet you my friend have had at least one bowl of General Mills Monster Themed cerealhaven’t you!?

As fun as it was to eat this stuff you got to take a moment to realize that this stuff, like everything, has a history. And the history of this monster themed cereal started way back in the day in 1971!  Now the first two cereals in the line were Count Chocula and Franken Berry..both of which you can still pick up and eat today. Boo Berry was released two years later and it was followed by Fruit Brute one year after that BUT they gave the axe to Fruit Brute and it got discontinued by 1983 only to be replaced by Fruity Yummy Mummy in 1987, which also had a short life and was discontinued in 1993..and what a bummer that was.

Boo Berry and Franken Berry are sometimes mistakenly thought to be discontinued as well because lets face it..the stuff can be hard to find at times. In reality, their distribution is just much lower than say the top dog of the line Count Chocula. And according to the ol’ wiki the best time of the year to find Boo Berry and Franken Berry is around Halloween…Fitting right?


Also according to wiki Fruity Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute continue to be seen on the occasional piece of official merchandise in recent years, both a resin model kit, and a bobblehead doll have been sold in their images

Well might as well cash in on it all they can, but we aren’t here to talk about the money and corporate side of it damn it!! We are here to talk about the fun side of it!! And let me tell you I still feel all giddy to toss a box of this on the counter as some hot girl checks me out at the store..she probably thinks I’m off my rocker, but then again maybe..just maybe..she digs the awesomeness that is Franken Berry to!..I mean ya never really know.

Remember when they use to toss a cardboard mask on the back of the boxes of the characters? I sure do, I’d beg my parents to just let me have the box so that I could cut the thing out. I started by begging before the box was even open. Oh General Mills..you sly smart marketers you!

Chuck Conry

Chuck Conry has been doing this for ten years! He does reviews, podcasts, and makes indie movies. The jury may still be out on if he does any of those things well.