Widow (2009)

I have to tell you something…This movie is kinda creepy!

Widow (2009)
Directed By: P.J. Woodside

The Prologue
Once again folks we got a movie by Kentucky based film company Big Biting Pig Productions! However this time we are dealing with a different director in the form of P.J. Woodside.

So while we have a different style this time around with this movie we don’t lack in the quality factor regardless! So just how good is Widow?

The Movie
Vivian Potts is haunted by dreams of her recently deceased husband, Alex. When her sister admits to having similar dreams, Vivian is convinced Alex is trying to communicate with them. Is she losing her mind or is the truth even more terrifying than she could ever imagine? 

It’s clear from the get go in this movie that things are not as they appear to be. Just like the main character Vivian you yourself attempt to solve the puzzle she finds herself trying to solve and there’s a very eerie feeling and images to go along with it..A feeling that you get throughout the whole film.

If you are more accustom to the faster pace style of movies today then this one you might not be able to appreciate. I don’t like movies that drag either, but the “drag” here isn’t much of a drag as I consider it a more mythological pace. It’s not quick but it stays interesting anyway, and that’s always a plus to me. I can deal with a slower style just as long as it keeps my attention and this one does just that.

It’s probably best to toss this movie in with the thriller category as really it isn’t a typical horror film, but that’s not saying it isn’t worth seeing. It’s hard to find creativity and good acting in independent films and this movie has both in spades.

Like every movie I’ve seen by this company there’s always a few twists and you get that here as well and again I can’t believe I couldn’t guess it because I’m usually really good at that sorta thing. You know how I am, I don’t have spoilers in my reviews but take my word folks, the ending is a pretty big surprise.

The Conclusion
Well worth a watch folks! Probably a movie you and your better half might enjoy together. So toss on your snuggies, pop the pop corn, crack open a Dr.Pepper and kick back and just see if you can guess the ending!

The Rating (6.5/10)