Will The Walking Dead Be D.O.A. On AMC?

Adapting a book of any type (comic, novel, ect) to film can be a tricky thing. And when you adapted something that is already extremely popular, the finished result gets put under the microscope of the fan base and public even more. I’ve never really cared much for Twilight, but when it hit I admit I read the book. And while the gangs of screaming teens and 40+ year old creepy mothers seem to disagree, the book (while not on a top level on it’s on) was way better than the movie. Even in cases where the movie knocks it out of the park, like with Sin City, people still seem to find reasons to complain. So this leaves me to wounder just what we’ll see come after AMC airs the first episode of The Walking Dead on Halloween night.

The Walking Dead was a comic book released by Image Comics that started in 2003. The black and white comic was a hit for Image, and now starting at 10/9 central on AMC this Halloween night, the series adaptation of the great comic kicks off. But what will the end results be? What I’ve seen so far looks great, and the horror community seem to agree, but you must not rule out the fickle ways of this very same community. A group that as great and fun as they are, would just assume praise something one minute and toss it to the lions the next when something just doesn’t fit their liking. Of course, I’m not talking bad about this group, because after all, I’m apart of it myself aren’t I?

But ultimately the success of The Walking Dead (or failure) won’t just depend on us, after all we are in the minority. For The Walking Dead to make it, it will have to strike a cord with the mainstream crowd in a way another book adaptation, True Blood, has. Will that happen? Well, I don’t know. The story of a group of people trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse sounds great to me, and in the comics it was great, but I don’t know if the live action version will be good enough to satisfy me, much less a main stream that live and die for such shows as Jersey Shore.

So as for now we can only speculate on what the results will be once The Walking Dead hits AMC on Halloween night. But seeing as this is the first TV show in years I’ve actually been looking forward to, I can say without question, I am excited to find out just how things go.