Youth In Revolt (2009)

Oh to be young and breaking the law!..Just for a woman.

Youth in Revolt (2009)
Directed By: Miguel Arteta

The Prologue

The film Youth in Revolt is a film that is based off a series of books under (more or less) the same title. While I bet we’ll never actually see the other book be turned into films, I can imagine most fans of the books will be very happy with the one film we got. Awkward “teens” (what is Michael Cera? 24 now?), dry humor, and being very quotable isn’t a bad way at all to have a movie summed up at the end of the day.

The Movie
Michael Cera is playing a role he always seems to play in Youth In Revolt but this time around I think it works the best it has since his role in Super Bad. In this film filled with Wes Anderson style dry humor Cera plays the role of Nick Twisp, a very awkward acting, yet very smart, 16 year old. Naturally the kid is a virgin and can’t seem get girls to give him a second look. When his Mom’s boyfriend pisses off a group of Sailors they all take a trip to a RV camp where Nick meets up with Sheeni Saunders, a girl very much like him, only with overly religious parents and a boyfriend. Love is in the air but when Nick is being forced to go back home they come up with the plan for Nick to return to Sheeni. However, this plan requires Nick to be VERY bad, and in order for that he has to make an alter named Francois Dillinger.

I think what you have here gang is a VERY entertaining tale. One that at first may not do much for you but I feel once the alter ego comes into play with Nick the movie picks up very well. Sure, up until then we have Michael Cera playing..well..Michael Cera, but if you can just hang in there I promise it picks up. Also with a cast that included Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Justin Long, Fred Willard, and Ray Liotta how could this film possibly go wrong?

But like most films, Youth In Revolt won’t be for everyone. It takes fans of dry humor to really share the love for this film. But if you get that sorta stuff you’ll get this. The soundtrack is folky, the dialogue is witty and full of name dropping. Which I believe will leave you quoting what you hear long after you’ve finished watching the film. You may even create your own alter ego, who knows?

The only real fault I think the film makes is having too many side characters and perhaps not giving each enough screen time. I understand it’s based off a book and hard to pack it all in within the 90 minutes the film runs, but still some people seem to be a little too minor. The movie does include some clay-mation that kinda wraps it all up during the credits but it’s just not nearly satisfying enough as I think the movie could have stood to ran just a little longer and showed us this stuff…But perhaps, that could just be me?

That all being said, I feel at the end of the day you have a film that packs plenty of re-watch value and has more than it’s fair share of laughs. I think the film kinda fell under everyone’s radar when it was released but I bet this thing will find new life on DVD and be well known down the road with movie fans, and for good reason.

The Conclusion
It reminds me a lot of stuff like Rushmore and I think with time it could be this generation’s Rushmore. It’s got everything it needs to become a cult classic and I think that ultimately what it will be known as. So you might as well be ahead of the cool kids and check it out now.

The Rating (7.5/10)