Zombie (1979)

They are going to eat you!! And I’m going to review them as they do.

Zombie (1979)
Directed By: Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, City of the Living Dead)

The Prologue:
Thanks to Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead in in 1978, there was a high request for more Zombie movies in the last 70’s into the 80’s. So, in the wake of that in 1979 a movie directed by Lucio Fulci would be made that would go on to be a horror classic, that movie was none other than Zombie aka Zombie 2 aka Zombie Flesh Eaters aka Island Of The Dead..ect. I know that is a lot of aka’s, but let me tell you why this movie has soo many different titles. Dawn Of The Dead was a big hit the year before and people around the world (namely Europe) was pretty much obsessed with the whole Zombie concept. And since Dawn Of The Dead was released over there as Zombie, the company producing Fulci’s movie (which was actually in production at the same time as “Dawn”) re-named the movie Zombie 2 (or Zombi 2) to cash in on the Zombie movie craze. But rest a sure this movie has no connection at all with Dawn Of The Dead, besides the fact we have dead people coming back to life for unclear reasons and eating the living. So in the good ol’ U.S. of A. this movie was released as just plan ol’ Zombie (and if you were lucky enough to go see it at theaters then you got a barf bag with your ticket, just in case). Now while this movie was scorned for its extremely bloody content, the film was a tremendous success.

The Movie:
Lucky for us all my copy of this movie is on DVD (The Blue Underground version, but not the 2 disc version.. (damn you Hastings!! Damn you to hell!!) so while it’s a very old movie the picture looks great. The only sad part is it’s a region 0 disc meaning while region 0’s are suppose to be universal and play on all DVD players, American or other your still taking a risk on it (And if your only source of a DVD player is a PS2 you better have a backup cause trust me.. it won’t work on it..or it didn’t on mine anyway).

The story here is simple, the time old Zombie tale of the dead coming back for reasons unknown and eating the living with the only way to stop them being to do some major damage to their heads. Why are they coming back? Voodoo? No more room in hell? Is the earth spitting the dead back out? Are they upset with the 1979 world series?? We don’t know and as the movie flows along you never will be too sure, but that is OK! It’s a damn Zombie flick we don’t really want a clear cut reason.

The movie like “Dawn” did the year before starts out bloody, then slows down, then it’s a mix of both until the bloody end. Our main cast in this movie do a good job if you can get past the fact half the cast spoke English and half didn’t so we have some off audio dubbing that at times looks as bad as the old Kung-Fu flicks but that is neither here nor there. 

We follow our top two people in this as they head from NY to an island in search of the main heroin’s Father after his boat, with Zombie intact washed up to the shore of NY (They also take with them two poor suckers they find on Vacation at the docks) The story is interesting and toss in some major blood shed for a movie in the 70’s (which is all intact with the Unrated version) I’d say you have a great movie to spend a whole 93 minutes on.

Also one key gem to this movie that actually TOPS “Dawn Of The Dead” is the Zombie’s actually look like what you would think a Zombie would look like, not just slow walking assholes with green faces. Add in a unnerving “eye” scene, and a moment where a Zombie goes toe to toe with a Shark we got a horror classic on our hands.

The Conclusion:
You can’t call yourself a true horror fan if you haven’t seen this movie. I mean come on the damn thing has been banned from places so at least check it out! While this by many isn’t considered to be Fulci’s greatest work (that going to “The Beyond”) it’s a movie that could rival much of Romero’s work as one of the top Zombie flicks of all-time. The movie would go on to produce two other sequels THIS is only one you probably should take the time to see. So if you want a movie with a few knee jerking moments, flesh eating, a people getting offed because they do some rather stupid stuff, this is a movie for you. By all means at least rent it once.

The Rating: (8/10)