Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Best…Game…Ever!?

These day if your asking about a Zombie video game odds are you’ll hear about Left 4 Dead. And why not right? I mean the way games have evolved games are pretty much the next best thing to movies and the graphics and plots of many of today’s game are just without question grand. And Left 4 Dead is without question a great games…BUT lets take a trip back to 1994 when you either had a Super Nintendo or you had a Sega Genesis. If you wanted to play a video game based on Zombie movies then you were playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a nod to old horror movies from years gone by and any horror fan of that time, and of just about any age really loved that game. I myself would rent that darn thing weekend after weekend until I finally found ways to move my way up from level to level..there were 55! in all.

Now depending on where you lived and what system you got depends on what you got with the game. I had a Super Nintendo so as a result the blood was removed like all Nintendo games of the time, and the red blood was replaced with green slime. But it wasn’t as bad as some other countries where some place had the chainsaw characters removed and replaced with lumberjacks with axes and other placed even changed the name to just Zombies due to the “Violent” nature of the title.

But one key thing that remained the same no matter what version you had, that was the replay value of the game. I played the damn thing for hours and other people I know did the same. We went through levels that took place in neighborhoods, malls, football fields, and other weird areas seeing reference after reference to old horror films..some that at the time I didn’t even get. I would just pick between the two characters of  Zeke and Julie and away I would go until I got too tired or was forced to turn it off and go to bed..say what you will folks, they don’t make them like this anymore.

Of course later on came a lessor known sequel called Ghoul Patrol where once again you were either Zeke or Julie and you had to this time around save your town from a horror exhibit come to life..the less said about this one the better.