We Don’t Want Bells and Whistles… We Just Want Jason

We Don’t Want Bells and Whistles… We Just Want Jason

We Don’t Want Bells and Whistles… We Just Want Jason

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Paramount Pictures are foolish. The recent news about the next Friday the 13th film are showing that Platinum Dunes must not be that bright either, because instead of giving fans what they want, they are spreading rumors about just what we might get in the next film and it might not even be Jason. To be honest with you, the news all points to it being another Paranormal Activity film, only it takes place on Crystal Lake and Jason may or may not be even be in it. This might sound new and fresh to the powers that be, but at this point in time what Friday the 13th fans want out of a new Friday the 13th film is just that, another genuine Friday the 13th.


I can see in the 80’s where people might have grew tired of the franchise a bit. Let’s see, after the success of the original film in 1980, we got another film in 81′, 82′, 84′, 85′, 86′ ’88’, and 89′ before we got a small break, the rights went to New Line, and we got a film again in 1993. If you want to compare it to anything today, it was like how the SAW franchise was. We got a movie nearly every year, things were changed a bit, but the same format was used for the most part. Sure, we got tired of it, but a Friday the 13th movie was like sex, even when it’s bad it is still pretty good.


At the end of the original Paramount on into New Line, people trying for something new brought on the gimmicks. He went to Manhattan, he went to Hell (some might argue the two places are one in the same), he went to space, he batted Freddy, and then he finally went back to the lake for the reboot in 2009. That was five years ago and it will be six by the time the “re-reboot” or whatever they want to call it comes out.


I can understand wanting to try something new, but it has been a very long time since Jason ran the grounds of Crystal Lake killing pot smoking and sexually active teens. We WANT that Jason. We want to see that again in a newer take that a good director could bring. We don’t really want found footage, but we can meet Platinum Dunes in the middle if they give us the one thing we must have in our Friday the 13th and that is Jason Voorhees.


Yes, we’ve technically had two Friday the 13th films where Jason wasn’t the killer, but even when Roy Burns was running around playing copycat in the New Beginning, he was using Jason’s M.O.. Nobody wanted Jason body jumping in Jason Goes to Hell and nobody wants some weird Friday the 13th found footage film where our killer isn’t Jason. So if Paramount Pictures/Platinum Dunes see this, I ask that you give us more Friday the 13th, it has been enough time that we want more. Just please don’t mess it up by going over the gimmick mark or by not giving us Jason. If you aren’t going to do things right and true to the fans and the franchise, then I’d be happy if you’d just let it die. Or if nothing else, sell the rights to someone who can manage to perform the simple act of making a Friday the 13th film. Which by all accounts should be so easy even a company that is somehow ashamed of one of their more profitable titles could do it.

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