Unboxing the November IVP Video Purobox (Promotional Highlights Theme)

Hey guys! Above you’ll find a video for the November Purobox unboxing from IVP Video! This is basically a sampler box in the same theme as Horror Block or any such monthly box, only this one isn’t subscription based and you can just go to the site and order it each month for $14.99 (shipping and handling charges will also be applied).

Each month you will get 7 DVDs fitting the theme (No cover art or cases) and 1 Blu-ray that you won’t be able to get on the site yet (with art and case). Below is what the site says from the monthly description.

1. A Blu-Ray compilation with cover art that is NOT CURRENTLY on the site. The only way to get this until December 15th is to order this mystery box. (Retail Value $9.99)
2. Five DVDs from the vastly deep catalog at IVPvideos.com with thermal printing. These will be some of my old favorites that I wish to share (Retail Value $14.99)
3. Two DVDs that are not on the website. These could be pretty much anything. It is a surprise (Retail Value $5.99)

Unlike other mystery boxes, this one will be shipped throughout the month of November. Make sure to spread the word and tell everyone how awesome your Purobox is. Tweet it, Facebook it, Tout it, Vine it, put it in your top eight on Myspace. Do it all!
SPECIAL BONUS; Add anything to your Purobox order and receive 15% off anything you purchase in addition to the Purobox. You coupon code NOVBOX at checkout.

Like I said, this is a great product and IVP does have a lot more great stuff. Be sure to visit the site and pick this or any of their other cool discs up and see for yourself.