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This might be one of the hardest lists I’ve ever made on this site. So don’t take this as the gospel just take it as one man’s opinion! That being said, here’s the list all nice and quick like.

20: Resolution

A friend takes another friend in the woods to get him clean and crazy stuff follows. What’s not to love?

19: Dream Home

A bloody good example of why everyone needs to pay attention to Asian horror.

18: The Battery

A great idea that didn’t need a lot of money behind it to make something extremely solid.

17: IT: Chapter One

Chapter 2 didn’t really hit like we had hoped it would, but that doesn’t take away how good the first part was. A new horror icon was made for the kids with this one (even if most of us liked the old Pennywise already).

16: The Invitation

It’s impossible to watch this one and not feel the dread from nearly the jump.

15: You’re Next

A great mix of blood and dry dark humor.

14: Dear God No!

Out of the load of modern-day grindhouse movies that came out during this time, Dear God No! was easily one of the best and probably the best Bigfoot horror movie ever.

13: Spring

A twisted love story that makes you uneasy and unsure of just how it will end.

12: The Conjuring

A jump-scare movie that actually was scary. Sadly, it got less effective as the series went on but we always have this one.

11: The Taint

I find it pretty criminal how little respect this wild and crazy indie gets. If you’ve not seen it, then, by all means, seek it out.

10: Raw

I never knew what was coming next while watching this one and that’s one of the reasons I liked it so much.

09: Insidious

Remember when we were talking about jump-scare movies? Well, here’s the king of those and probably the reason why we got so many.

08: Tales of Halloween

I think I’ve watched this movie on Halloween night every Halloween since it came out. I suggest you do the same.

07: V/H/S 2

I did not like the first V/H/S at all. I also hated the third one! But this one is what I consider the best anthology of the last ten years.

06: The Witch

While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, if you like this one, you REALLY like this one.

05: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

One of the more original horror movies of the last ten years, this one was legit scary and that’s extremely hard to pull off these days.

04: Maniac

One of only two remakes you’ll find on this list and this is one I actually prefer over the original as ol’ “Frodo” earns his horror clout out the gate.

03: Evil Dead

One of the bloodies movies you’ll find of the last ten years. I actually don’t really consider it a “true” remake but as a side movie of the franchise. You might enjoy it more if you do the same.

02: Father’s Day

The new age grindhouse movie that started it all for all indie horror movies looking to make something in the same style. I know some will point to the big-budget Grindhouse and its fake film damage, but I think Father’s Day was a frontrunner for a lot of the cooler indie horror movies we’d see in the last decade.

01: It Follows

This is a movie I liked to suggest even to people who aren’t as into horror as other people are. There’s just something about this one’s atmosphere and tone that makes it better in my opinion than anything else this decade.

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