A Look at Funko’s Mortal Kombat X Liu Kang from the Savage World Series

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Funko has really been pushing these 5.5. inch Savage World figures and I admit I went head over heels for them when I first saw them. This is because they are made to look a whole lot like the Masters of the Univers Line that was out when I was a kid. So see there, folks? Nostalgia sells!

I’ve managed to get all of the Mortal Kombat X ones with my Scorpion even being a chase variant. But the last one I got was Liu Kang and with good reason as we’ll show here…Well, kinda good reason. I admit it’s a bit on the petty side as well.

From just a figure standpoint Liu looks fine. He looks just like he looks from Mortal Kombat X. Or at least one of the looks anyway. But this is a Savage World figure that comes with no weapons at all. Yes, I know he doesn’t really have a physical one but the boy does shoot fire out of his hands and that could have been in the same way the lightning was used with Raiden. You could have just clipped it on the hands or wrist but instead, Liu doesn’t have a darn thing with him. As far as I can tell (and this might change with the Street Fighter ones) this is the only one in the whole line of these regardless of the group that doesn’t have a weapon at all. That’s kind of a bummer and hurts an otherwise perfectly fine figure.

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