A Look at Funko’s Savage World Lion-O Figure from Thundercats

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I owned a few Thundercat figures in the ’80s! One of which was the star of the show, Lion-O! So since Funko brought Thundercats into their Savage World series I decided to finally go out and get good ol’ Lion-O! The decision was made easier with it being on the $5 clearance rack at GameStop! But the price isn’t important, the figure is. So here’s a look at the figure!

Seeing as how I was a big fan of Masters of the Universe and Thundercats, it’s nice seeing the Thundercats in the MOTU style and oddly fitting. While I don’t think this figure tops the original Lion-O from 1985, I do think it has a place for people as nostalgic about this stuff as I am and I’m sure that’s who they are aiming for.

As you could guess, Lion-O comes with his Sword of Omen and a Gauntlet looking glove known as the Claw Shield! The Claw Sheild fits pretty snug and actually works out way better than say Freddy’s glove in the horror Savage World line. Weapons don’t always work out as well with these as far as being able to be sturdy in the hands of the figures, but it works well here.

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