“Itsy Bitsy” Makes Blu-ray and DVD Debut Oct. 1st from Scream Factory

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“Fans of scary giant spider movies will want to check out this well-made creature feature with some impressively disturbing special effects.” Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times
“Itsy Bitsy handles its monstrous spider with terror-filled precision and gruesome effects that aim to instill arachnophobia in even the toughest of viewers. The movie warrants a watch based on the creature effects alone” Bloody Disgusting
Itsy Bitsy
Creepy Creature Feature Makes Blu-ray and DVD Debut October 1st, 2019 from Scream Factory
A creepy-crawly creature feature based on the centuries-old poem, Itsy Bitsy weaves a sinister web of family drama, personal demons, and a horrifying monster. When a family moves into a secluded mansion, they soon find themselves being targeted by an ancient entity taking the form of a giant spider in the skin-crawling horror film, which makes its Blu-ray and DVD debut October 1st, 2019, from Scream Factory. This release also includes a bevy of bonus features including an audio commentary with writer/director Micah Gallo, featurettes on the creation of the spider, behind the scenes featurettes with the cast and crew, storyboard galleries, and more! Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting ShoutFactory.com.
In Itsy Bitsy, Kara, a private nurse and single mother, moves from the big city to the quiet countryside with her two children, 13-year-old Jesse and 8-year-old Cambria, to live with and take care of an elderly man with multiple sclerosis. Things seem normal enough until Jesse discovers a mysterious old relic in the old man’s house, leading to unexpected and horrifying things coming to life
Itsy Bitsy Bonus Features
  • Audio Commentary with director/writer Micah Gallo
  • Audio Commentary with director/writer Micah Gallo and writers Bryan Dick and Jason Alvino
  • The Spider: Beginnings
  • Itsy Bitsy: The Journey
  • Denise On Set
  • Kickstarter Mini-Featurettes
  • The Most Spidery Spider – Andy Dick Screen Tests For Itsy Bitsy
  • Storyboard Gallery
  • Trailers

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