American Nightmares (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

American Nightmares (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

American Nightmares (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

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American Nightmares (2018) (DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Rusty Cundieff, Darin Scott
STARRING: Danny Trejo, Vivica A. Fox, Tamala Jones

“Mr. Malevolent” (Danny Trejo) hijacks two millennials’ computers and forces them to watch videos that reveal the consequences of various immoral crimes. Like “Tales from the Crypt” and “Tales From the Hood”, “American Nightmares” is a star-studded, over-the-top horror experience that teaches you a lesson that you will soon not forget!

From the same writers and directors that gave us both Tales from the Hood movies comes a movie that at certain times feels more like a proper sequel to Tales from the Hood than Tales from the Hood 2, American Nightmares. This movie even has none other than Clarence Williams III in a segment which makes me ask even more as to why he wasn’t in Tales from the Hood 2 here. We get a lot of different stories here and as you could expect some are better than others and we probably could have cut at least one. But we get some stuff that not only feels like Tales from the Hood 2 but feels like it could have replaced stuff in that movie to have made it better. Our storyteller here is none other than Danny Trejo. He interrupts the feed of a couple of hackers trying to steal private stuff from folks and sell it for money. It’s a bit of an odd set-up but it still manages to work.

The segments get pretty political from time to time as we aren’t just having fun for the sake of it all the time here. Some parts deal with racism and black people being done wrong by lawyers and such. While some of the more light-hearted moments deal with a woman looking for the perfect man. We even dabble a bit in religious people scamming good people. The movie does manage to take a couple missteps along the way and we have some stuff like a clown segment that does manage to make this something other than just Tales from the Hood 3, but I still found it solid enough and liked what I saw enough to suggest everyone who has liked the other movies by these guys to give it a shot.


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