Barb Wire (1996) (Blu-ray Review)

Barb Wire (1996) (Blu-ray Review)

Barb Wire (1996) (Blu-ray Review)

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Barb Wire (1996) (Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: David Hogan
STARRING: Pamela Anderson, Temuera Morrison, Victoria Rowell
AVAILABLE FROM Mill Creek Entertainment

Pamela Anderson is Barb Wire, the sexiest, toughest woman in Steel Harbor – a city marked by chaos and crime – providing a home for a new kind of mercenary. If you’ve got a problem, Barb Wire is the solution. She’ll use any dangerous weapon (including her body) to take what she wants, crossing the line for no man. When her ex-boyfriend, Axel Hood, hits town, Barb is the only one who can get him out alive. Will Barb help the man who once betrayed her? There’s only one thing you can be sure of…she can get anything you want, for a price. Are you ready to pay…?

We got good news/bad news situation here, folks! The good news is Mill Creek has once again placed Barb Wire out on Blu-ray with a good looking transfer and I’m sure a bargain price. The bad news? Well, this is just the R-rated version and not the more popular unrated version that was already out there on Blu-ray. You also don’t get any extras with this release. So not only are you going to lose those extras, but you are going to lose some nudity at the start. As for the movie, if you’ve never seen it before, you might not be surprised to hear that it’s probably exactly what you think it is. It’s an oversexed Pamela Anderson in the pinnacle of her career. And here she’s playing a comic book character that is almost like a sexed-up Punisher killing the bad guys. That isn’t anything that you’d want to give an Oscar to, but it works pretty well as is. Odds are you aren’t here for the acting or a deep plot anyway. We know why you are here, the people that made the movie know why you are here, and you get what you come to see…Just not as much as you would have seen had this been the unrated version.

So Barbs in a city that’s overrun by bad guys, there are lots of people around for her to kick the butt of and she does just that. Toss in an ex she has a love/hate relationship with and some other characters seeking her help to fight the big bad guy and you pretty much have the same action plot you got from every action movie of the 1990s. There’s never any real drama or tense moments. You basically get a lot of boobs, things blowing up, and bullets. Which I’m sure more than a few of you will be okay with. Barb Wire from Mill Creek looks good in HD but does kind of shoot its self in the foot with the lack of unrated version and extras. The movie is a popcorn flick with some T and A. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.


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