Beaten To A Pulp (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

Beaten To A Pulp (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

Beaten To A Pulp (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

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Beaten To A Pulp (2008) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Craig J. McIntyre
STARRING: Trevi Williams, Michael Adrian Palermo, Jack Spralja
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

Stuart, a lonely and desperate man enters a seedy underground world of junkies, adult movie stars, and serial killers – and soon every degenerate scumbag in Los Angeles is out to kill him. See how far will he go to survive the carnage before he’s completely Beaten To A Pulp.

Beaten To A Pulp is one of those movies that might not have ever seen the light of day on DVD if it wasn’t for a label like Wild Eye Releasing and their Raw & Extreme line. Now some could argue on if that is a good thing or not after watching it, but I do tend to love the idea of a line for these types of movies regardless of how well they might actually be or not. And just what type of movie is Beaten to a Pulp? It is an over the top shot on video one. I can’t confirm it is actually video, but if it isn’t it comes pretty close. Originally being made ten years ago and tells the story of two porno guys who decide it’s time to go on a rampage. The movie is a bit all over the place and disjointed, but you get boobs and you get lots of blood. You also get some pretty cheesy effects that I find just as enduring as I do bad.

Clearly, you have to love stuff like this to even be able to finish it and I do love this stuff so I was able to finish it. That being said, this won’t be an easy task for just anyone who comes across it. I appreciate a movie like this, I really do. But even this one was a bit too “out there” at times for even me. I don’t know if it had ever gotten a release before now, so this could very well be what you’d call a “lost film” or just unknown one. If you want to fill in your collection for Wild Eye’s Raw & Extreme line you’ll want to own this for nothing else that reason alone. If you are a collector of the lower levels of moviemaking you’ll be able to find a place for this. Anyone else might not be able to get very far into it without reaching for the remote control.


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