Big Kill (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

Big Kill (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

Big Kill (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

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Big Kill (2018) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Scott Martin
Starring: Jason Patric, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christoph Sanders
Rated: R/Region A/2:39/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Cinedigm

After the death of his wife, Jim, the accountant, has come from the East to join his brother in business. Jake and Travis, two misfit rogues with one foot on each side of the law, have come from the south after being run out of Mexico under a hail of gunfire. What they find in the West is a wild ride, a fight for survival, and a moment of decision that will change them all forever.

Big Kill seems to be a movie that mixes a few things together to make what might be considered by some a little fresh. This is a movie that reminds you in some ways of the classic westerns from back in the day. Perhaps even more so the ones of the Italian nature, but they do add a bit more comedy to it. All in all, the comedy bits of the movie might be the part that throws things off ever so slightly. You just are never too sure what tone you are going to be sticking with, but regardless of that you still end up with a movie that isn’t a bad watch if you are into movies like this. You have some comedy, some violence, and you have a plot that I don’t mind too much, even if at the end of the day you can still kind of guess how all of this will probably be playing out before the credits roll.

You might also notice that this one packs a pretty big cast of folks you’ll know even if you haven’t seen them in much as of late. Christoph Sanders of Two and a Half Men does a fine job here but you also get such names as Lou Diamond Phillips, Danny Trejo (who seems to be popping up everywhere), and Michael Pare. This one does have a good cast but it still probably could have been a little better than what it turns out to be. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie or an unwatchable movie, but it is a bit underwhelming in some spots. Sadly, the Blu-ray doesn’t give us any extras either and that’s a bummer. With a mix of casting as this one had, I’m sure some behind the scenes stuff could have been fun to see.


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