Bigfoot Blood Trap (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

Bigfoot Blood Trap (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

Bigfoot Blood Trap (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

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Bigfoot Blood Trap (2019) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: John Orrichio
STARRING: Dennis Carter Jr., John McCormack, Edward X. Young
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

While hunting, a Bigfoot attacks a woman and her family. After capturing the monster, they find a disturbed doctor who will pay any price for the beast to use in his breeding experiments.

Coming from the Wild Eye Raw and Extreme line I’m sure nobody will be shocked to hear that the Bigfoot in this Bigfoot movie is a guy in a very cheap and bad Bigfoot costume. Now, if you look over such a thing (as hard as it can be) the story here isn’t too bad. I mean, yeah, it is still what you could call “bad”, but it does manage to keep you watching no matter how far down the cheap indie film wormhole it goes. Things start off with a girl getting along just fine with a baby Bigfoot but stuff happens and then more happens as we fast forward to a time when that girl is now grown-up and she might just be dealing with the same Bigfoot. Of course, other characters have other ideas and that is where the conflict in the film mostly comes from.

While I’d be doing a full-on thumb in the middle if we were doing the old school thumbs up or down method, I have to point out that finding even a half-way good Bigfoot movie can be a very hard thing to do. So in the long list of awful Bigfoot movies, you will find out there, this one having at least a cohesive story goes a heck of a long way. We also actually find some pretty good actors here and that also only helps. Especially with our leading lady. This might not be a movie you will be running back to for re-watch value but I do think it’ll be one you at least won’t have trouble finishing. And it will probably go a long way if you really like Bigfoots.


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