Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) (DVD REVIEW)

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Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Joseph R. Kolbek
STARRING: Julia Morizawa, Andy McGuinness, Dan Petit
AVAILABLE FROM Blood Earth Films

Something unholy is stalking the guests of The Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. Local legend states that 40 years ago, a serial rapist and murderer Felix Gallo hung himself at an abandoned campground in these woods. Today, a sex resort sits on the site, and couples eager to sample a “swinging lifestyle in rustic surroundings” arrive in droves. Everything goes well and business is booming until, one by one, the guests begin to disappear… and re-appear in bloody little pieces. Is a flesh and blood killer on the loose? Or has Felix’s dormant spirit, disturbed by the sexual energy, come back from the grave to exact his revenge? Welcome to Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat, where ‘safe sex’ has a very different meaning.

I’m happy to report that Blood and Sex Nightmare is more blood than sex, as I was half-way expecting to run into this one being a softcore horror film, but that isn’t the case. Basically, we have a guy who is not very sensitive to his girlfriend’s current situation and is all about just wanting to get down and dirty with her. In hopes of getting her to finally put-out, he takes her to a location for just that, but once they get there things go pretty wrong pretty quick, as a killer is on the loose and a pretty mean one at that. We dip into some usual slasher stuff from there, but there are nudity and some cool kills, so the movie if nothing else gets the gore of what a slasher should be down to a tee. But it does decide to get just ever so slightly trippy along the way as well. That is probably what will make this one stand out the most when you watch it. I went into it not expecting much and got pleasantly surprised by the results.

While this one might be one that got a little overlooked in the pile of straight to DVD horror films 2008 had if you’ve not seen Blood and Sex Nightmare, now might be a good time to ignore the name and give it a day in court. You might be surprised at how solid it is and if you like slasher flicks, we enough slashing going on to keep everyone happy. I think the name of this one kind of sucks, but I do believe the movie is a solid indie horror flick from a time when it seems like we had a million of them. Bloody Earth Films has a good track record of releasing some interesting horror titles and this is another one of them. So check it out if you can. You might just find it to be better than expected.


– SHORT FILM “Chef Boyardemon”
– SHORT FILM “The Roarin’ 20s”
– “Devils Everywhere” MUSIC VIDEO (featuring EYEZ the Emcee)
– Bloody Earth Film TRAILER VAULT
– Full-Color BOOKLET featuring liner notes by director Joseph R. Kolbek

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