Blood Soaked (2014) (DVD Review)

Blood Soaked (2014) (DVD Review)

Blood Soaked (2014) (DVD Review)

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Blood Soaked (2014) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Peter Grendole
Starring: Heather Wilder, Rachel Corona, Laina Catheryn Grendole
Rated: UR/Region: 0/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Wild Eye Releasing

A freshman on her first day of college is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sleepless night in the New Mexico desert. But this newly formed lesbian couple’s first day together is violently interrupted by a pair of orphaned sisters with a taste for kidnapping, torture and the creation of flesh-eating zombies in their underground bunker! As they fight for their lives and attempt escape, the couple uncovers the sister’s terrifying plan for a Fourth Reich army of the dead. Now, only the couple’s wits and survival skills will save them from this undead Nazi nightmare. Featuring music by Eternal of Wu-Tang Killa Beez.

Lesbians are face to face in a battle with new age Nazis in this film that posses some of the cooler video editings you will find in indie films these days. The movie is a movie that sure seems to pack a lot a heart and love for exploitation/naziploitation films of the past. What the film seems to lack in acting, which is a bit spotty, it makes up for in style and substance. There is some hard to watch things here which is the point. Take the dinner scenes from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and extend it for about 85% of the film and you’d sum up what is going down before us during Blood Soaked for the most part. It’s a cool looking film that packs a disturbing punch.

While I’m sure there will be a bit of a love it or hate it feel among most when it comes to a movie like this, I feel this is the type of film indie horror and exploitation needs. There isn’t any sort of half assery going into a movie like this and you can feel it. There isn’t a mindless plot, there is a disturbing plot with a point. So keep that in mind when screaming, beating, and people being tortured is happening on screen. This won’t be for everyone, but I think it’s the type of film real indie horror films need right now.


  • Director’s Commentary
  • Cast Commentary
  • Live Audience Track from Pollygrind 2013
  • Cast Video Introduction
  • Two Drunk Girls vs The Introduction
  • Trailers
  • Original Short Film “This Side of the Nightmare”
  • Free Song Download from Eternal of the Wu-Tang Killa Beez
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