Brutality (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

Brutality (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

Brutality (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

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Brutality (2018) (DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Nathan Hine, Mike O’Mahony, Brad Twigg, Jim Roberts, John Ward
STARRING: George Stover, John E Seymore, Lindsey Cruz
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

Join your inhuman host, Festering Frank, as he digs out from his grave to bring you five brand new tales of gore-soaked glory. Featuring gooey graveyards, mutilated mothers, sicko Santas, and copulating carve-ups. Finally, an anthology that will suck the remaining goodness right out of your soul.

First off, I’m not sure why this movie is being released under the name of Brutality because this is totally Frames of Fear 2. But I’m not here to review title changes, I’m here to review the movie and like most indie anthology films, this one is a mixed bag. The wraparound is one of the highlights as it focuses on some women having a get together to watch Frames of Fear on TV while a mysterious man is killing them off. That’s solid, but the segments are a little more hit and miss. With the first one about a couple having some complications going on a bit long with the filler until we get to the punchline. The one that follows about the sick mother is pretty predictable but solid none the less. It comes with some cool gore as well. The next segment is a mini slasher with a killer Santa killing folks in a storage unit. That one wasn’t too bad either and probably could have been used as a base for a full-length with better characters. The one that wraps the segments up is about some kids who watch a weird tape and then do some weird stuff themselves. This one felt like more filler than anything else and was probably the weakest of the bunch.

So, yeah, it’s the usual mix of stuff here in this anthology. We have some good ideas and we have a bit of filler as well. The original Frames of Fear was a mixed deal as well but did have some that when they stood out they REALLY stood out. There isn’t a lot here outside maybe the Santa segment you could see getting a solo film, but even that was nowhere near WrestleManiac from the first film. I do like a horror anthology and hope this series keeps going on, but I also hope that the segments get a little better and feel a little less like filler with the next installments of the series. But as for “Brutality”, it’s got some cool moments and it has some stuff that misses the mark by a lot. That’s about enough good and bad to get you a down the middle grade from me.


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