Channel 13 (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Channel 13 (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Channel 13 (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

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Channel 13 (2015) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Mark Polonia
Starring: Mark Polonia, John Polonia

A horror anthology shot on video in 1987 and lost for 30 years. A video game geek watches TV and only gets reception on channel 13, where a hooded monk shows tales of killer scarecrows, monster birds, and cannibal spaghetti farm owners.

Channel 13 is a lost Polonia Brothers movie that they started way back in the day and then was never finished until Mark Polonia found the tapes and then went back to shoot new stuff (still making it look old) and finishing it. It’s an anthology with three stories all based around an arcade player who returns home one night to find that the only channel he can get on his old TV is Channel 13 and it is playing some very weird stuff. One segment has the brothers playing a pair of brothers who are at odds. One is trying to have a party with his friends while the other one is going crazy and also talking to a scarecrow. Despite some obvious moments to drag the time out, this one is pretty cool and has some of the stuff we love about SOV movies. It packs one cool scene in a grocery store especially. The next one has some stop-motion that was finished recently. I know they probably didn’t have anything else to use but I feel this one needed some work. It was a bit short but also a bit pointless with a stop-motion monster stalking a guy in the snow.

The final story deals with what Mark admits was their attempt to cash-in on the coverage of Motel Hell at the time as they made what they figured it would be about after seeing pictures from the movie in Fangoria Magazine. It’s a solid and kind gross segment with a sack head killer and a cannibal cool luring a couple of people to their house for an overnight stay. This one does seem kinda anti-climatic because maybe it was never shot, but it’s good for SOV stuff and I enjoyed it. All in all, I dug Channel 13 and while it was clearly lacking in a few spots it’s a good enough anthology that you’ll enjoy enough if you love shot on video movies.


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