Checking Out the First Series of WWE Dollar Tree Figures from Mattel!

Checking Out the First Series of WWE Dollar Tree Figures from Mattel!

Checking Out the First Series of WWE Dollar Tree Figures from Mattel!

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I was shocked to learn that The Dollar Tree once again has a brand of WWE Figures! That’s right, you can own something from WWE from the Dollar Tree for just $1 and it isn’t those awful wallcrawling things, trading cards with just four cards in the pack, or these awful things that were last seen in there.

Instead, it was an updated version of those. These look pretty darn good for what they are and do come on stands like a number of superhero figures they have there as well. These really do remind me a bit of cake toppers, but I’ve seen some even cut the base off and widdle down the extra stuff on the feet to make them fully be able to stand without the base. There are five figures in this set (as far as me and the internet can tell) all of which seem to have a Mattel copyright of 2019. Let’s dive into them.

First, here’s the back of the figures. They all look the same and have no info of what to call these or who else might be coming if anyone in the line.


Well, you have to figure Cena would make the cut even if he isn’t around much these days. The figure looks pretty good and even has a logo on the hat. If you are going to get that much detail you have to take something out and as a result, the towel that is clearly sculpted to be hanging out of his back pocket isn’t painted any different than his jorts.


It looks like they went more for big names and sellers rather than just current folks as The Rock is in this series. The rock (like basically everyone) is striking a signature pose and they even managed to get all of his tattoos on here. This comes, however, at the result of having to drop the bull from the back of his trunks.


I’m very happy that AJ has earned his way into being in small waves of new stuff like this! Despite his face sort of making him look a little like Jesus, AJ’s figure is pretty darn cool all things considered. He’s got his pose, his elbow pad, and black gloves. Sadly, I guess it wasn’t in the budget to add his AJ tattoo or his logo to his pants.


Surprisingly we have Finn and he isn’t Demon Finn! I guess the budget didn’t allow that much for it be that cool and be sold for $1. Instead, we have Finn striking his cool entrance pose and in his grey trunks! I’ll be honest, I think this one comes across pretty dang cool.


Conspiracy lovers unit! We have Roman Reigns and not only is his tattoos here but he also got his logo on his chest as well! I guess if it came down to AJ’s tattoo or Roman’s tattoo plus logo Roman won because ol’ Roman has to win! He gets his tattoos, logos, and a little color on the back! Regardless, it’s a pretty awesome little figure with a very good representation of Reigns.

All in all, I find these pretty cool and you can’t argue the price with them just being $1. I don’t know if they will make any more of these, but I hope they do! I guess if they stick to a five-person series a smart guess for the next line would be Orton, Brock, Taker, Owens, and Seth. But we’ll see.

I like this a whole heck of a lot better than those little metal figures that came out around the same price, even if they had more people.

If I can name one thing I’d change, these wouldn’t have a base and be the same size as these other 3 1/2 inch figures that popped up at Dollar General and Family Dollar a few years back. But if that was the case, I don’t guess they’d be $1.

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