Click Bait (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Click Bait (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Click Bait (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

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Click Bait (2007) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Nicolas Bressier
STARRING: Mélanie Artilland, Nicolas Darche, Mélanie Garino
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

After answering an online post, Sarah and her boyfriend, Daniel, drive to the set of an independent horror movie. They soon find out that the movie is actually a snuff film directed by a trio of psychopaths.

Originally titled Snuff Films but coming to the Wild Eye Releasing Raw and Extreme line with a trendy new title is Click Bait. Its sort of a half found footage half normal indie film that was made for a low price but still manages to keep things interesting and has used some clever methods to make a good overall story and film. The plot of the film boils down to a sick director and his crazy friends as he attempts to make a full-length snuff film. In order to do this, he does such things as wheel an unsuspecting woman and her boyfriend into the trap and even does things in order to just drag things out enough for this mission to be accomplished. It’s from France so it’s subtitled but if you don’t mind reading stuff you will notice this is one movie that does things right that even other indie flicks and movies in this DVD series does wrong. It ends up being a movie that won’t be for everyone but it’s better than you’d expect.

That’s not to say that we don’t have some frustrating moments from the characters. This movie from France still has some of the same character issues we have here in the good ol’ USA, as people don’t do things as they should and as a result frustrates the viewer, but the movie is also violent at times and that is good enough for the bloodthirsty indie horror lovers out there that are looking for a good fix. At the heart of things this is a very underground and indie horror movie and it is also a rather creative one and that goes a long way and I think you should check this one out if you don’t mind the cheap look and want something a little different.


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