Clownado (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

Clownado (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

Clownado (2019) (DVD REVIEW)

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Clownado (2019) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Todd Sheets
STARRING: John O’Hara, Rachel Lagen, Bobby Westrick
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

A troupe of murderous circus clowns are trapped in a tornado by a witches’ spell and travel the midwest destroying everything and everyone in their path while seeking revenge on the woman who imprisoned them.

I’m not sure what I expected to get in a movie called Clownado, but now having seen it, I’m not sure I got what I wanted. We have a bit of an awkward movie here and before I get into what I feel doesn’t work about it I’ll at least name what is good about it. We have to at least mention the title of the film. Everyone knows a good title sells and they at least got the gimmick for this one, even if it makes it hard to live up to the title. I also liked the gore here. That’s the best thing about this one, folks! It delivers on the blood and gore. If you go into this one looking for blood, you’ll at least get that and all sorts of nasty stuff. This one lives on the close-up gore shots, but it’s gore none the less and that goes a long way with me.

Now, let’s talk about what doesn’t work here. The acting stands out as people trying too hard and people not trying enough. It’s just an awkward time for about everyone and that can be hard to ignore. We also have some very cringy dialogue. Now I could be wrong here. Given a better cast, it is possible we could have had dialogue that sounded better and came off more natural, but some stuff just doesn’t work at all. Also, let’s be clear here, the title is forced a bit. Yeah, we have clowns in a tornado of sorts but the gimmick feels a little more than forced. And kudos to them because it got people watching, heck, the title is why I’m watching, but the whole Clownado thing isn’t what I expected it to be. It might be the only logical thing it could have been without having even more of a CGI situation, but I don’t see many finding what they were looking for. There’s more a clown thunderstorm here than a tornado.


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