Creepshow: Season 1 (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

Creepshow: Season 1 (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

Creepshow: Season 1 (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

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Creepshow: Season 1 (2019) (Blu-ray Review)
Starring: Carey Jones, Logan Allen, Adrienne Barbeau
Rated: UR/Region A/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 3
Available from RLJ Entertainment

Creepshow the new anthology series based on the 1982 horror comedy classic, is still the most fun you’ll ever have being scared! A comic book comes to life in a series of twelve vignettes over six episodes, exploring terrors from murder to the supernatural and unexplainable. Haunted dollhouses, werewolves, murderous goblins, villainous trick-or-treaters, the dead, and medical marvels are just a few of the things to watch out for in this new series. You never know what will be on the next page….

Both Creepshow 1 and 2 are among my favorites when it comes to horror movies and anthology movies. I’m also a fan of anthology shows, so that being the case the new series which you can also see on AMC and Shudder should be down my alley since it’s Creepshow now in the form of a TV show. And for the most part it is! Each episode here have two segments, so it’s double your fun on 9 episodes and if one doesn’t do it for you usually the other does. So that 12 segments in 6 episodes and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Now I wouldn’t call it a perfect show because I do have a few minor complaints. One is the use of what is basically Cheif Woodenhead from Creepshow 2 in the very first episode. I feel what’s good should be left alone. And the only other problem I have is there are times when the show doesn’t really feel like Creepshow. After all, Creepshow was an anthology movie not an anthology show. It also comes from a different time. That being said, this is still some fun stuff and it’s at least a thousand times better than Creepshow 3!

While you can see this show on Shudder and Shudder is a great app and website, you get some good reasons to get this on Blu-ray. You get extras like episode commentaries. You also get all of this with a comic book inside and a glow in the dark slipcase that really just seals the deal. Some of these episodes really capture a fun spirit and you could say some miss the mark a bit, but nothing here is what I’d call really bad and it makes for a fun new anthology series based on the classic concept from Stephen King and George Romero. Some of these episodes will be ones you re-watch pretty often and I look forward to seeing more seasons of this coming down the line. This is fun stuff for sure!


  • Cast and Crew Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Creepshow S1 Easter Eggs Featurette
  • Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew
  • Episode and Comic Art Photo Galleries
  • Comic Art Booklet

Quality of Transfer: 100%

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