Day of the Ax (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Day of the Ax (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Day of the Ax (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

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Day of the Ax (2007) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Ryan Cavalline
Starring: Joel D. Wynkoop, Tina Krause, Suzi Lorraine

On May 8th 1984, twelve year old J.R. Sorg murdered his mother with an ax. For eight years, the boy remained at the Saint Catherian Mental State Hospital. In 1992, he escaped… killing several innocent people and raping several women in the process. The media dubbed the events “Day of the Ax”. Six months later, nothing had been found. The case was called off. But during the past 3 years, over and over again reports of bizarre and grisly ax murders have persisted all across the state. The so called DAY OF THE AX… was only the beginning…

I’m not going to be doing much crapping on Day of the Ax. Is it a movie that’s all that great? No, not really. It has some pretty bad parts here and there if I am, to be honest. Heck, it doesn’t even have all that many deaths by way of an ax, but I still find charm in it. I also still can relate to it because I’ve made movies similar before. It does go a bit too far from time to time with straight-up ripping off other movies. We have a character here that is not only acting like Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, he’s even using some of the very same lines. They even copy stuff from Halloween and other classics. If you can look away from that and don’t mind stuff that is extremely cheap, you might still find an okay time somewhere in the overly simple and done before the plot of Day of the Ax.

This one does manage to impress me in a few odd spots. I tend to hate CGI but somehow this one does a good job from time to time when it is used. I’d say that the work they do in that department is greatly impressive and you probably won’t see that type of quality coming from something like this. Day of the Ax has characters that show up just for the pure reason of having them die a few minutes later, we have some nudity, and we have some odd characters that are a mix of original and straight-up ripping off other characters from much better movies. The DVD has people on the cover that isn’t even in the movie. But despite all that I still found it just watchable enough.


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