Derangement (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

Derangement (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

Derangement (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

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Derangement (2016) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Vick Campbell
STARRING: Izquierdo Alexandra, Txema Lorente, Eva Lyberten
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

The lives of three women intersect at the crossroads of evil and sadism as we follow their descents into madness, lust and murder. Witness the carnage as they destroy themselves and the lives of those around them, while a cruel and ugly world takes advantage of them and their narcissistic desires at every turn.

Have you ever heard of the movie Transtorno Mental? Well, it was released in Spain around 2016, but nowhere it is with a new title from Wild Eye Releasing! This time called Derangement, the movie one that I won’t argue deserves its spot on their Raw & Extreme line, but it’s also one that mixes in a whole lot of different things and I’m not sure I was always digging it. Weird and strange is here for people to look at with shock, but the actual plot seems to be nowhere to really be found and without that hook, the movie more or less looks more like a live-action version of just looking at roadkill on the side of the road. There’s some nudity going on here with lots of sexual stuff and then we get the violence but I don’t think we ever really get any real substance to all of it.

This is for sure what I’d call an extreme film but it is also an artsy one and it might be a hard sell, even to the usual crowd that loves stuff that pops up in the Raw & Extreme line. At times this one feels like a porno and at other times just an art film. And then we do have times that it feels like a horror movie but it never does seem to really connect enough with the viewer to make you invest in it and even then the plot is a bit confusing so its hard to try to even invest in it. So, call this one what you want to call it, but I’m not a fan of it and I tend to usually like stuff a little weirder than the average movie.


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