Drive-In Delirium: Dead By Dawn (2019) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Drive-In Delirium: Dead By Dawn (2019) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Drive-In Delirium: Dead By Dawn (2019) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Drive-In Delirium: Dead By Dawn (2019) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
STARRING: Alfred Hitchcock, Mickey Rourke, Clint Eastwood, Kim Basinger
AVAILABLE FROM Umbrella Entertainment

The crypt of coming attractions has been defiled once more unleashing a shock-quenching installment devoted to flesh & blood. Gushing with over 6 hours of old school slice & dice, Giallo grooviness, Hammer Glamour, gut munching cannibal capers, swanky Euro-trash and creature feature monster madness (not to mention a tsunami of boobs & pubes) – Drive-In Delerium: Dead By Dawn is an all-out high-def attack on your mental tolerance for blood, breasts and beasts!

The Drive-In Delerium series is back from Umbrella Entertainment with their “Dead by Dawn” release. A disc that packs around 167 remastered in HD trailers and another 96 minutes of SD trailers for those of you that just can’t get enough of trailer watching! This version of the series is one I’m a bit more fond of than the rest (and I’ve liked them all) because this one came with a whole “new beginning” where they show a whole host of 80s trailers and as anyone who’s been reading this site since the start should know, that’s the period of horror that I am more fond of. Some of the trailers are of stuff we’ve yet to see on Blu-ray, so in the remastered form, it is at least nice to see what they might look like if they ever make their way to the format.

It isn’t just horror either, as stuff like CaddyShack and Zapped make their way to the ranks here just to name a couple. So if you just want a nostalgic trip into the world of trailers, this is for you. So, putting it plainly, if you are a person who doesn’t skip trailers on DVDs and Blu-rays, then this is the release for you. Also, no need to worry about what region your player is, as this comes to you from Umbrella Entertainment on a region free disc. It’s all the trailers you want and more. If you have the other releases of this series you can pretty much use them all to have a never-ending run of trailers. But you do have to love trailers to enjoy something like this! I do, so I can deal with it. I do have to be in the mood for it, but I do enjoy it.



Quality of Transfer: 85%

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