Elliot (1999) DVD Review (Video)

Elliot (1999) DVD Review (Video)

Elliot (1999) DVD Review (Video)

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Elliot is a lonely maintenance worker inside a stark and mysterious power supply complex. His only interactions are with a supervisor named Face who communicates to Elliot via different video monitors and overhead speakers located throughout the facility. Sentries are always keeping a close eye on Elliot to make sure he stays on task. When Elliot does have a rare moment alone, he plugs into his pod and escapes into another world as an idealized version of himself. The more he explores this alternate universe, the more he desires it, and consequentially, the less he trusts his own reality. As his mind deteriorates from the stress of his job combined with his belief that an artificial world may actually exist, Elliot has no choice but to try and uncover the truth behind his identity before he no longer can.

Director: Craig Jacobson

Writer: Craig Jacobson

Stars: Joshua Coffy, Cassandra Sechler, Craig Jacobson

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