Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead (2007) (DVD REVIEW)

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Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead (2007) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Vick Campbell
Starring: Thais Buforn, Anarka de Ossorio, Albert Gammond
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

Buitrago, Soria in 1976. Jorge arrives in search of his sister, Miranda, and the people of the area warn him about the evil nature of the place. In the same place, in 1310, the templars are the masters of life and death, killing virgins in an attempt to fulfill their eternal life purposes. In 1976 again, Jorge finds Miranda, but she seems to have lost her mind, and she finally runs away. A few days before, Miranda, in her house, is sexually harassed by her father and mistreated by her authoritarian mother, until she locks off in her room.

Originally titled Graveyard of the Dead but now here on DVD under the title of Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead, this movie seems to be a super low budget take on the old Blind Dead movies. And, like those movies, it seems to start off a bit slow until those darn Blind Dead beings rise up from the dead and start to take revenge on those who wronged them. That’s even if they were “wronged” for a good reason. As we can see early on, these people weren’t nice when they were 100% alive. In fact, they were pretty damn evil! So by the time they die you are ready for them to die, but then again, by the time they are once again among the living and killing people, we are ready for that as well. The gore is probably the highlight of this one, but you’ll still enjoy seeing these Blind Dead minions doing their thing on this type of indie horror level.

I’d say if you are a person who not only likes the old Blind Dead movies but also as a soft spot for low-budget indie horror movies with lots of gore (and really who doesn’t like that sorta thing?) then you’ll get all you want and then some with this movie here. If you don’t mind subtitles it’s a good little indie flick with lots of the red stuff in it. And while I can’t say it’s the most original thing you’ll see out there, I won’t deny how cool it is to basically see a Blind Dead movie done in this type of way. This is another movie to come from the Wild Eye Releasing Raw & Extreme line and it might be one of the better ones I’ve seen thus far.


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