Fangboner (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Fangboner (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Fangboner (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

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Fangboner (2015) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Nathan Rumler
Starring: Lauren Abbott, James Bell, Terence Lee Cover
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

Dick and Suzy become infected with an unknown virus. They soon discover that they have a new found taste for blood. The problem is, they only seem to be able to suck blood out of their victims crotches.

In Fangboner a slightly annoying (maybe really annoying) guy named Dick is heading over to Suzy’s after a night of partying. The only thing is, he’s having some issues. He has some major issues with his private area and soon after ignoring this and messing around with Suzy, she starts to share the same bad symptoms. What follows is a mix of science fiction horror that adds in the leads having to kill people for blood, naked aliens, and other fun stuff. This is a movie that does a lot with a little. It’s indie to the core but it packs an interesting enough story to keep you interested and the whacky horror side of things manages to just barely stay in the line of bearable and I’m happy about that. It’s got a Troma vibe but it keeps things on the rails.

I dig creative stuff. And this is a very creative indie movie. It packs some stuff that you don’t see every day and it never does seem to take its self too seriously. I won’t say that everything you see here perfect but it’s good enough for me and I think it would be good enough for anyone who likes indie horror with a dash of low-brow science fiction. It also doesn’t hurt that you have some good looking women to look like in this as well. This is one of the latest releases in the Wild Eye Releasing Wild and Extreme line and it’s probably one of the better ones you’ll find out there to date.


– Director’s Commentary
– Behind the Scenes
– Trailer

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