First Person Shooter (2014) (DVD REVIEW)

First Person Shooter (2014) (DVD REVIEW)

First Person Shooter (2014) (DVD REVIEW)

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First Person Shooter (2014) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Andreas Luetzelschwab
Starring: Jürgen Sütterlin, Sascha Strack, Atlanta Lützelschwab
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

After his wife is abducted, a man must battle his way through a multi-level, abandoned hospital in order to rescue her from a mad scientist, who is creating an army of genetically mutated monsters.

I’m a bit mixed on First Person Shooter which comes to us by way of Wild Eye Releasing. This movie is all gimmicked up and that can make for a very creative movie. But in this case, it might dwell a little much into that gimmick. We’ve all seen the first-person point of view movie done well in Both Hotel Inferno and Hardcore Henry. This time, however, this movie takes that and goes into another direction by using a video game first-person shooter method. So if you’ve played Doom or Duke Nuke ‘Em you’ve seen what this movie is going for. Which is fine and would have been cool for a lot longer then it is had they not went full-on with it and paced it a bit better. That’s where this one loses me and I think that’s where most people will tune out when they watch it.

I’d have liked this a lot more if we had a first-person shooter-style going with a better pace and body count. We get moments of that here but we also get lots of stalling and cut shots that take things out of the first person (probably allowing cuts) that can kill a scene. Also, when we see the shooter part we do have scenes where things go on a bit too long. Other than that, I do love the concept. It at times it has a perfect mix of game and movie but other times it gets a little too bogged down like some of the classic games it gets its creative juices from.


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