FrankenThug (2017) (DVD REVIEW)

FrankenThug (2017) (DVD REVIEW)

FrankenThug (2017) (DVD REVIEW)

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FrankenThug (2017) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Richard Tanner
STARRING: Soze Bagley, Dan Beck, David Cairo

THOT’s, Thugs and T.H.C. It’s just another day in the hood; until, a new gang rolls into town and shoots up the wrong G. Now, after a botched science experiment, a FrankenThug has risen to wreak havoc on the gang that killed him and anyone that gets in his way.

I will admit up front that I might be a little more easy on FrankenThug than I am some movies. This is because I can relate to a movie like this and it looks to have run around the same amount one of my own movies run. So I can relate to the struggle and the things that come with it. In this movie, its moments where you can clearly see the bottle of fake blood in the background can tell people are cracking up at lines and can see they have some parts played by people they aren’t the person they are supposed to be but still trying. With all of this going down in FrankenThug you can still find the charm in it mostly to it still having a good plot and being extremely hilarious. It also has a group of baddies played by a gang that is supposed to be the same gang from indie film Frankenstein Created Bikers. It also mentions the other gang in the movie as well, so it could be part of some weird extended movie world if you wanted to think of it that way.

FrankenThug is still hilarious and packs a pretty fun story of a guy killed by a gang only for his brothers to bring him back with a weed brand called “Night of the Living Kush”. Given the setting and tone of this one, I supposed that’s a good enough way to bring someone back as anything else. Regardless, the now Frankenstein-ish brother going on a spree killing the gang while his brothers are on the trail. One of which seems to be having a thing going with a girl from the gang. Nothing here is taken too seriously but it’s a good time and feels fresh and fun even with the massive amounts of low to no budget movies you see out there today. The only real downfall is that the release has no extras. Some more info on how this one came to be would have been an added bonus. But taken as is, if you like indie horror, this is a good one to check out.


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