Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) (Blu-ray Review)

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) (Blu-ray Review)

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) (Blu-ray Review)

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Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Andy Sidaris
Starring: Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton
Rated: R/Region A/1:85/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Mill Creek Entertainment

Two drug enforcement agents are killed on a private Hawaiian island. Donna and Taryn, two operatives for The Agency, accidentally intercept a delivery of diamonds intended for drug lord Seth Romero, who takes exception and tries to get them back. Soon other Agency operatives get involved, and a full-scale fight to the finish ensues, complicated here and there by an escaped snake made deadly by Toxic Waste!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii is a movie that comes with lots of T and A, mutated snakes, the most dangerous game of frisbee you’ve ever seen, and a whole lot more. Starring none other than Ronn Moss of Bold and the Beautiful game, this movie looks a lot like what you might have stayed up late at night to watch on HBO one summer when you were a kid. But what else can you expect from a film by the late and great Andy Sidaris? Boobs and bombs where M.O. for his films and this one here might be the greatest example of just that. You can tell everyone here is having a blast on the set and it comes with such outrageous moments and violence that you yourself can’t help but have a great time watching it. For all intents and purposes, this is what you’d call a bad movie if you went by the old rules for such, but in a movie, like this, you just don’t care and you enjoy every crazy moment of it. From the hot women to the cartoon villains, to the bad acting. Everything comes together here to work despite its self.

This movie on the surface has what every action movie of this nature had. We have good looking agents, drug smuggling, and diamonds. But this movie tosses in a mutated snake that looks like something straight out of a 80s creature feature. It should come as no surprise that I would recommend any movie by Andy Sidaris, but Hard Ticket to Hawaii might be the man’s masterpiece. It’s also a bit of a shock if the only thing you had seen Ronn Moss on before was his soap opera shows. This is one of the two Andy Sidaris making their way to Blu-ray from Mill Creek Entertainment. They once released a whole movie collection of his films so hopefully, this is only the start. This one looks really solid in HD and comes with some extras that I’ll list below. But if you want a cool movie that’s a lot of fun you need to check this one out.


– Presentation of the film in the proper widescreen ratio
– Fully loaded with special features including Behind-the-Scenes featurettes and intro with director Andy Sidaris


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